International Greeters Association (IGA)

International Greeters Association (IGA)

Come as a guest, leave as a friend!

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Free walks in over 130 locations

Founded in New York in 1992, IGA is a worldwide network of more than 140 city/region Greeter organizations, sharing a common drive to create a unique experience, by connecting visitors with enthusiastic local volunteers. They are volunteers who welcome solo travellers and serve groups of up to six people. There are approximately 144 Greeters worldwide.

Greeters welcome visitors to their city and take them on a personal, two- to three-hour walk showing them the city beyond the guide books and off the beaten track During the walk, visitors discover the city on foot or using public transport network. Whether visiting a city for the first time or as a regular visitor Greeters welcome them to their city and look forward to showing them a part of “their” city.  You can find a Greeter or become. a Greeter.

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