Updated on February 2nd, 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tour and Retreat Company Listings: Building Your Brand

Do I need to be fully women-owned to participate in the Directory? 

No, but you need to provide evidence that you’re offering a service, tour or retreat that is focused on women. 

What is Tour Company Listing?

A Tour Company Listing profiles your business and helps you differentiate from other tour companies. One of our observations is that tour companies focus on selling a destination, rather than the thing that makes you truly different – YOU! We’ve modified our Tour Company Listings so that women travellers can get to know you and your vision. Women want to support women, so let’s make sure it’s clear who’s running your business!

How long does your approval process take?

We are a small team but our goal is to confirm new listings on a weekly basis. You are welcome to email Tom at tom@journeywoman.com if you feel we’re taking too long.  We will be in touch to schedule a zoom call and review your site and tours. 

Once I submit my application what happens next? 

After you’ve completed the submission form, we will review it and invite you to complete a company listing. You can write your own story, upload photos and get started on adding tours, depending on the package you want to choose. It’s our goal to get you up and listed as quickly as possible. Most listings are up within a few days. Once your listing is up we will announce you on our social media channels, so keep an eye out!  We recommend that you follow us on our social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. We do not have a Pinterest channel.  

What other benefits do I receive, aside from being listed in the Directory? 

Once you are in the Directory, your tours or retreat is searchable by date, destination, type of activity and keyword. You also have access to opportunities in our 2022 Editorial Calendar, including advertising in our newsletters, special mailings, webinars, articles, Instagram lives, Community Calls, Book Club and more! If you have an idea for an article or webinar please reach out! 

In addition,  listings are fully integrated with the JourneyWoman website, which ranks in the top travel websites in the world, in our destination section which includes women’s guides by country and region. We are constantly adding new countries so let us know if you have tips or ideas. 

How does “Verified by JourneyWoman” work?

In our research, we learned that 80% of women are more likely to choose a tour, accommodation or retreat if it has been Verified by JourneyWoman. A “Verified by JourneyWoman” checkmark is added to verified listings. 

To become a Verified partner, you must have at least five reviews from clients on your listing, and provide a recommendation from another company listed on our site.  Once verified, you will receive a ‘Verified by JourneyWoman’ checkmark on your listing, and a badge that you can use on your own website and marketing materials to show that you are authentically women-friendly. All Verified listings are invited to attend monthly calls and join our private Facebook group. 

How do Reviews work?

Reviews are a way for your guests to share feedback with you and elevate the experience. Reviews are not per tour (as you already do this via your own surveys). Rather, they are reviews of your brand and company, based on criteria that women have told us is most important to them when choosing a tour, retreat and accommodation.  (For a great example of Reviews please see European Experiences

  • Cost: good value and experience
  • Safe for women and solo travellers
  • Appeal of Destination / Location
  • Cleanliness and hygiene
  • Reputation of company / overall experience
How do I join the Private Facebook group and monthly calls?

To join, you need to be a Verified partner. Calls are held monthly. Please contact tom@journeywoman.com to learn more. 

Promoting Tours on the Site

What is a Tour Listing?

We define a tour listing as an itinerary with a date. If your itinerary has multiple dates, then each of those will be its own listing. Once a listing expires it is considered complete.

Can I upload my own listings?

Yes, we have created a form to simplify uploads of content, photographs, videos, etc. Please note all listing will be reviewed for accuracy. You will receive a notification when it is live.

What if I use up my quota of tour listings?

You can purchase as many listings as you would like. We will pro-rate on a per listing or packaged cost using the next level up. For example, if you have 3 listings and need 5, the cost would be $50 x 2 (which is the cost of the next level up).

How will my tour listings be promoted?

We have an incredibly powerful search engine. All listings are searchable by destination, type of travel, tour company, and date. Individual tour listings will not be promoted on our social media channels as this would result in thousands of listings. Rather, we will promote the women owners of tour and retreat company owners, which will then drive people to your company listing page, which includes all of your tours.

How many categories or tags can I attach to my Tour Listing?

You can have as many tags as you’d like (eg wellness, adventure, slow travel, culinary travel, etc.) If you think we are missing a category or tag, please let us know.

How do I get featured on the tour page?

Soon we will be introducing additional packages to highlight tours; at the moment, featured tours are done by date. We’ll be in touch soon with details on this.

What if my tour is cancelled or postponed due to COVID? Am I able to relist it?

Yes, we will remove it and then relist it when your tour becomes available again.

Why are we charging in USD?

Given JourneyWoman has advertising partners all over the world, we’re priced our products in USD to account for currency fluctuations. This also helps us keep our prices consistent for you. We are cognizant that this may be inconvenient for some, but we’ll make every effort to offer local pricing whenever we can.

Can I cancel my order?

No, once listed, all orders are nonrefundable.

Promoting Tours Through JourneyWoman

How can I participate in editorial opportunities, webinars or special mailings?

We are in the process of preparing our 2022 editorial calendar and will send you a link when it’s available. In the meantime, contact Tom for information email him at tom@journeywoman.com.

Are JourneyWoman’s editorial team available to join one of my tours or retreats and write about it in exchange for advertising?

Yes, we are available to join your tours, however, you must still join the Women’s Travel Directory at the base level as outlined on the Advertising Rates page.

Other questions

I have a private accommodation (condo, apartment) I would like to list. Is this permitted?

No, we are not able to accept private or residential accommodations as we do not have the resources to verify safety, etc. We recommend that you visit a homestay site such as FemmeBNB, Airbnb, or VRBO.

I am a guide who would like to be listed. Why don’t you have pricing and packages for guides yet?

We’re eager to support guides but we need to determine the best model for you. Our initial thinking was that the cost of a listing was not cost-effective for guides. Please reach out to tom@journeywoman.com with your thoughts so that we can develop the right solution for you.

Who can I contact with questions, ideas or inquiries?

Reach out anytime to Carolyn Ray, Publisher at editor@journeywoman.com.

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