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Wheel the World
Start: September 23, 2022
End: September 30, 2022
Explore Morocco’s beautiful architecture, stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and history on this wheelchair accessible tour through the highlights of the country. Visit famous Casablanca and soak in its international influence and art deco architecture, explore the busy city of Fes and its markets, experience the wonders of Marrakech and more!

Magical Morocco

Start: September 26, 2022
End: October 7, 2022
Add to WishlistJoin a group of adventurous women to explore the rich cultural mélange that defines Morocco. We’ll meet in Casablanca to see that cosmopolitan city by the sea, then spend three days exploring the medieval city of Fez. We’ll make our way south across the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara Desert where we ride camels as the Bedouin do and sleep under a million stars. We’ll stay in a traditional ksar […]

Blue Moroccan Adventure

Start: October 14, 2022
End: October 20, 2022
Add to WishlistA trip to Morocco can feel like a step back in time. From the bustling medina of Marrakech to the traditional Riads in Fes, Morocco is known for its timeless, unique heritage and style. Life in Morocco is very much a mix of cultures–as a coastal country in North Africa, Morocco welcomes a mix of Arabic, French, Spanish, and Indigenous Berber influences. A visit to this lively and vibrant […]

Morocco: Sahara Sands and Markets

Start: November 4, 2022
End: November 17, 2022
Add to WishlistA feast for the senses:  Travel with Adventure Women to Morocco in March 2018 for an authentic, cultural experience in this vibrant land of contrasts. With its roots in Northern Africa, proximity to the Sahara Desert and close ties to Europe, Morocco has a colorful culture expressed in its unique architecture, textiles, music, and cuisine.

Morocco Women only Tour

Start: October 22, 2022
End: November 3, 2022
Add to WishlistUpdated on June 25th, 2021HIGHLIGHTS of the Morocco Tour include: * A journey through the Sahara on the back of a camel * Two cooking classes to learn Moroccan cooking skills * Visiting with two women-run cooperatives that help local villagers earn income * Wandering the streets of Morocco’s fantastical Blue City * Meandering the streets of medinas and shop at souqs for locally-produced handicrafts * Experiencing World Heritage sites and grand architectural buildings unlike anything you’ve seen

Glam Girls goes to Morocco

Start: October 6, 2022
End: October 15, 2022
Add to WishlistUpdated on July 21st, 2021Morocco with Di Cant – our own personal Fashionista 8 – 19 October’21 – For over 40 years, Di Cant has been a leading figure in the Australian fashion industry. Throughout her long career, Di has styled and compered countless fashion shows and season launches. For nearly three decades, Di held the position of Fashion Manager for the Australian Fashion Design Awards, as was seen on Channel […]

Morocco – Her Tips for Travelling Solo

From the archives, this tip-rich article by Susan Dresner will help inspire your visit to the colourful and cultural country of Morocco.

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