JourneyWoman Presents

International Women's Day 2023

A Curated Photography Exhibit: "Women Leading the Way"

For this year’s annual International Women’s Day Photography Exhibition, we invited tour operators from our Women’s Travel Directory to share their best photographs and stories about women from their travels. However, these are more than striking photographs — it’s a showcase of companies leading the way in women’s empowerment.  

Take the time to read each International Women’s Day 2023 submission by clicking on “Read more” under each photo. You’ll learn what these women-led companies are doing to support women and what we, as women travelers, can do to support other women when we travel. Hopefully these stories will inspire you to think differently about how you travel and where you to choose to spend your travel dollars.  

Thank you to the companies who participated in this year’s exhibition: 5 Senses Tour Israel, Adventures in Good Company, Advivum Journeys, Aurora Africa, Bold Spirit Travel, Broad Escapes, Divine Destinations, European Experiences, Experience Vacations India, India for Beginners, Intent on Safari, Jeni’s Global Yoga Trips, Las Cascadas Lodge, Rue Pigalle, The Voyagiste, Via Sabra Ltd, Walking Women, Wild Women Expeditions, Women Tour Uganda, and Writer’s Journey. We invite you to read more about these companies and the unique, women-friendly travel experiences that they offer.