Meet Paskalina

Paskalina - Annie Birch - International Women's Day
About this submission:
“Meet Paskalina, who’s our right hand here in Tanzania. She helps with everything from organizing picnic baskets and first aid kits for the vehicles to keeping track of the safari vehicle tire covers. A talented seamstress, her first love is sewing. To earn extra income and help with her children’s school uniforms, books and tuition she takes on the job of creating special gifts for our guests, made out of the colourful local fabric called kitenge. Napkins, yoga mat bags, small sacks for coffee and larger bags for shoes or laundry on safari are some of her creations. Paskalina loves meeting our guests who come to visit Tanzania and is grateful for the opportunity to meet visitors from other cultures and share a bit about her life as well. We’re happy to be able to give her extra opportunities to support her young boys by doing what she loves. And we’re really grateful to have her in our lives and as a team member.”
What is your company doing to support women?
Wherever we can, we hire local women to support our behind the scenes efforts in creating unique safaris in Tanzania. We prefer to find women owned businesses to purchase our supplies from and support various projects that benefit girls’ education, including several beading co-operatives of Maasai women, purchasing directly from them without the interference of middlemen. Our corporate mandate is IMPACT… Imagine Many People Acting Compassionately Together.
What can women travellers do to support other women when they travel?
When women travel, it’s easy and important to seek out businesses owned by local women, whether it’s a tour guide, market stall, fabric shop or street vendor. In many less developed countries women are the major, if not only, source of income for their families. On a broader scale, support women owned travel companies and promote and encourage other women, whether in your life or on the road, to continue to travel and broaden their horizons.