Sable Island, Cape Breton, Newfoundland and Magdalen Islands: Atlantic Island Odyssey

Atlantic Odyssey - Wild Women Expeditions

Experience the blooms and bounty of summer on Canada’s east coast! The Sable Island, Cape Breton, Newfoundland and Magdalen Islands: Atlantic Island Odyssey is an intimate and memorable introduction to Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Saint-Pierre, France—on board the expedition ship, the Ocean Endeavour!

Centuries of deeply-steeped culture are stitched together like a quilt pattern—Mi’kmaw, Acadian, English, Scottish, Irish, and French—the traditions and distinct lifestyle of the eastern provinces is experienced in song, dance and cuisine foraged and fished from the Atlantic shores.

In a single trip by sea, you can visit four of Canada’s provinces AND Europe without ever leaving North America. Saint-Pierre (and Miquelon) is a colourful French archipelago south of Newfoundland.

You’ll also witness the unbridled power and thunder of the legendary wild horses of Sable Island, one hundred miles off the coast of Nova Scotia. The wild horses are descendants of animals introduced to the island in the 1700s, and since their formal protection in 1961, a population of around 500 horses resides on Sable.

The natural anomalies stretch from the Gully Marine Protected Area (the largest underwater canyon in the western North Atlantic) to the Cape Breton Highlands, where the mountains unfold into the sea. The jagged shores of Newfoundland’s south coast offers surprises at every turn from glimpses of minke or pilot whales to a circus of puffins, peppering the cliffs.

If you need a reset and recharge–the craggy Atlantic coast, the island outpost of France, the wild horses and vibrant culture of eastern Canada will restore you instantly.