Greenland to Nova Scotia exploring the Canadian Arctic

Updated on September 11th, 2023

Northern Canada Discovery – Greenland & Nova Scotia: From Kangerlussuaq to Halifax 16-Day Discovery Cruise

Trace a path along the Northwest Passage on our Northern Canadian Discovery cruise on our boutique expedition ship following part of the legendary ice-filled route that challenged great explorers. As we sail from Greenland through the iceberg capital of the world, gaze in awe at the ice-filled straits and fjords crammed with gargantuan icebergs. The northern Canadian coast around Nunavut is a haven for caribou and polar bears, and in Newfoundland, we get the chance to hear the stories of the indigenous Inuit people and discover ancient whaling sites. Combining adventure and culture, this epic voyage is something every traveler should experience in their lifetime.

Exclusive to JourneyWoman readers, Swan Hellenic is offering no single supplement on this trip. Call 1-800-537-6777 between 9AM and 6PM EST and use the code CAT0040 at the time of booking to take advantage of this offer!