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I believe that travel is essential for women. It allows women to embrace new experiences and fosters personal growth at any age. Traveling broadens perspectives, deepens connections, and enhances mental and emotional flexibility. For me, travel has expanded my heart and mind, making me more observant and connected to my surroundings. Solo travel, in particular, provides us with the rare opportunity to prioritize our own needs and form meaningful bonds with others, highlighting our shared humanity.

INCA International Nature & Cultural Adventures: Journeys to destinations that tell us something new about our world
INCA began in 1976 when Marika’s father, Bill Roberson, embarked on a grand sabbatical adventure through South America. During this journey, his passion met a purpose, leading to the founding of a family travel company. Marika’s first trips in the Andes Mountains on the Salcantay Trail at age 15 sparked a lifelong love of travel. In the early days, the family—Bill and his daughters, Marika and Kim—handled everything on their horse treks, from provisioning and guiding to setting up camp and cooking on a small propane stove.
More than 45 years later, INCA now sends explorers to seven awe-inspiring destinations. Each location offers a unique perspective on life, helping travelers realize and experience the intricate and interconnected nature of the world around us.

Immersive travel for the curious mind
We consider our trips luxurious not so much in appearance, though we appreciate the comforts and amenities, but in the depth of experience we and our partners offer. There will be moments to relax if you wish, but INCA’s adventures focus on action and immersion. Whether it’s hiking to ruins in Turkey, snorkeling among marine life in the Galapagos, or fishing for salmon in Alaska, we want our travelers to return home feeling fulfilled and energized by their adventures. If you fancy an evening cocktail with friends, both old and new, we’re there for that, too.
We focus on two types of destinations, with much overlap between them: wildlife and ecosystems in Africa, Alaska, the Amazon, Antarctica, the Galapagos, and Patagonia, and culturally and historically significant locations in Peru and Turkey. Most of our team members have visited these locations numerous times and know them intimately. We consider the people we work with on the ground—from our guides to those coordinating airport pick-ups—as friends. These connections enable us to adapt to the many variables that come with travel. We love the places we go!
We offer group adventures in select destinations for individuals, couples, families, and friends, as well as custom programs for groups of two to twenty in all our destinations. Most of our groups consist of six to sixteen like-minded travelers.

Single Supplement Policy

Our pricing is based on double occupancy. We will pair solo travelers who are willing to share. On some adventures we have single occupancy cabins. Please chat with us for further details!

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