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Having travelled extensively, mostly on my own, for leisure or in my professional capacity as a medical doctor, I am fully aware of the various challenges a woman travelling on her own has to overcome. When I created Esprit Meraki Retreats here in the southwest of France, more than a decade ago now, my aim was to make my life-enriching French cultural Immersion and life-changing Camino de Santiago walking retreats unique and unforgettable, with everything a single woman traveller could want or need readily available. My medical speciality is stress management, I have also made it the focus of my transformational retreats. Women deal differently with stress than men do, and have different stresses to contend with, which is why my retreats are women-only. Today, together with my all-woman team, I specialise in retreats for single women travellers. Wait, that’s not 100% accurate: my team does include Arcadi, a male Barzoi, Finn, a Friesian stallion and a no-longer-feral cat, Caspar.”


Updated on April 18th, 2023

Margaretha Montagu Retreats: Wellness Experiences in France

Dr Margaretha Montagu Retreats™ is 100% owned and operated by women, for women, especially solo travellers. For the last decade, I have hosted Vivre-aux-Eclats transformational retreats here at my 200-year-old farmhouse in Gascony, the French Tuscany. Walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, often a life-changing experience, is an integral part of each retreat. My retreats offer a full cultural immersion in the French lifestyle, with an emphasis on the stress-reducing habits that allow local inhabitants to live happy and healthy lives well into their nineties: fabulous food, outstanding wine, generous friendships, slower pace of life, breathtaking beauty of the Pyrenées mountains, bottomless lakes and fortified medieval villages perched on hilltops.

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