Monique Gaudion – Travel Mindset Consultant

Monique Gaudion Travel Mindset Consultant

Discovering the freedom and joy of Travel

Embarking on a travel journey, particularly solo travel as a woman is an incredibly empowering experience. Stepping beyond your comfort zone requires trust in your instincts, and a willingness to embrace opportunities that may push personal boundaries. Despite the nature of solo adventure, women travellers are a part of a community, a shared connection, fostering a safe and inclusive space where they can collectively grow and thrive.

This philosophy is vital to me because I am passional about empowering women to travel with ease, joy, self-compassion, mindfulness, and resilience. Witnessing women embark on transformative journeys, breaking through barriers, and discovering the world with newfound confidence brings me profound fulfillment. My mission is to contribute to a world where every woman feels empowered to explore and create life enriching experiences.

As a Travel Mindset Consultant, Monique Gaudion’s business is centred around empowering women to explore the world, its natural wonders, cultures, and people. I bring a wealth of firsthand experiences living and working abroad and my experiences travelling to almost seventy countries, spanning both popular and unconventional destinations.

My business was birthed after my profound two-year ‘Curiosity Sabbatical’ in 2018, which solidified my commitment to focusing my life’s work on women’s travel and mindset change, built upon a lifetime of exploration and curiosity since the age of twenty.

My unique value proposition as a Travel Mindset Consultant lies in my extensive and diverse firsthand experiences across nearly seventy countries, ranging from well-known destinations to more unconventional ones. My return from my two-year ‘Curiosity Sabbatical’ in 2018 was a pivotal moment that crystallized my dedication to making travel and mindset change the focus of my life’s work. This commitment is not just theoretical, but grounded in a lifetime of exploration, starting from the age of twenty.

I have a breadth of travel experiences, seamlessly transitioning from backpacking to luxury accommodations, including hotels of all-star ratings, apartments, hostels, camping, Airbnb, and Couchsurfing. I’ve embraced diverse travel modes, from boutique luxury cruises to large cruise ships and solo adventures to group tours. I have lived, studied, worked, and performed in various countries.

My repertoire spans Camino pilgrimages, health and yoga retreats, medical treatment centres, self-development/educational courses, safaris, camping in the wild, volunteer placements, artist residencies, and FAM trips. I have enjoyed many travel styles, coupled with a genuine passion for mindfulness and self-empowerment solo travel. This positions me as a valuable ally for women seeking personalized support, and understanding their diverse needs and preferences in travel and personal growth.

Current offerings: –
• Mindfulness Camino de Santiago Pilgrim Walks. 2024/2025
• Wellness Retreats as host and guest facilitator/speaker
• Masterclasses
1. Walking the Camino – all you need to know.
2. Wellness before and on the Journey – mindset & narrative change.
• Speaker and Writer

Countries visited include- Algeria, Andorra, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Benin Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Canad, Central African Republic, China, Congo, Democratic Republic of Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, England, Faroe Islands, Fiji, Germany, Greece, Guernsey Island, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Kosovo, Laos, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Niger, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Scotland, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Turkey, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Vatican City (Holy See), Vietnam & Wales.

Commitment to Sustainability

Together, we can protect our planet’s most vulnerable destinations by being a part of the transformation of tourism’s impact on nature and people. To travel sustainably means not only awareness of our environment but also our choices in adopting good practices to reduce the negative effects.

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Mindful travel with Monique Gaudion
Womens retreats with Monique Gaudion

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