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Travel and creativity are perfect partners —both require courage and curiosity. When you put yourself outside the predictability of your nine-to-five life and open yourself to new experiences, new cultures, new ways of thinking — your creative self is immeasurably stimulated. But the best way to open to the journey is to explore the inner landscapes as well. The stories we gather on our travels become precious stepping stones to a new creative self.


Updated on May 2nd, 2023

Our Story

I launched Writer’s Journey in 2004 when I led our first international writer’s retreat to Ubud, Bali. Since then we have been back regularly and added many other locations to our favourites list: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, Fiji, Japan, Morocco, USA, Paris, as well as wilderness walks in the Australian desert and old growth forests of Tasmania.

Working in partnership with local companies, our aim is to provide culturally immersive and creativity rich experiences for the writers and artists who join us. Our daily workshop routine combined with local excursions ensures that each participant’s creative process is stimulated and supported. Assisted by local guides, writing and making art as we go, we are able to make deep connections with the people we meet and the landscapes we pass through. While the workshops are mostly writing based we also invite artists to attend and respond to workshop prompts and exercises in their chosen art form.

This combination makes for a rich and diverse exchange of creative ideas, helping all of us think outside the square. The meditative and sensory observation exercises I introduce and the sharing of creative work as we travel, serves to deepen the group and cultural experience and many travellers come back for more.

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