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London Weekend Workshop

Art of Intuitive Photography

Mindy will guide you on how to capture moments and stories as we explore some touristy and less touristy areas of London.  What if it rains? There are plenty of museums and markets! Bring your camera/smartphone and a comfortable pair of walking shoes.
Tea in Cornwall – the Southwest Coast of England

Tea on Cornwall

Girls’ Guide to Paris and Beyond

This is a unique, magnificent and women-only luxury trip of glorious English gardens, castles, mansions, ancient cathedrals, quays, rivers, harbors and cragged cliffs in Devon and Cornwall.
Brittany’s Seaside

Brittany’s Seaside

Girls’ Guide to Paris and Beyond

The Pink Granite Coast to Monet’s Island to Medieval Guerande The seaside charm of Brittany will take your breath away and inspire you just like it did for Claude Monet and Paul Gauguin in the previous century. On this bucolic romp through the best of Brittany, we’ll start in the north on the Pink Granite coast in a très chic resort town, before meandering down the shimmering shoreline to discover a picture-perfect village which was sacred to the Celts for more than 2,000 years.
Womens Outdoor holidays Day walks

Womens Outdoor Holidays Day walks in UK

Women’s Outdoor Holidays (UK and more)

Here are a selection of the day walks we have planned - scroll down to see them
ride on retreats yoga on the beach

Surf and Yoga Retreat Cornwall

Ride on Retreats

Join us in gorgeous Cornwall, UK for our Luxury inclusive Surf and Yoga Weekend Retreats. These Luxury Women’s Surf and Yoga Retreats in Cornwall are the perfect weekend getaway for those looking to unwind and enjoy surf and yoga with likeminded company.
Englands great houses Womens travel network

Englands Great Houses

Womens Travel Network Canada

Once upon a time, the stately homes of England were the exclusive privilege of royalty and landed gentry. Now, many of these spectacular homes can be visited, each with a fascinating mix of history, architecture and glamour.
ride on retreats yoga on the beach

SUP and Yoga Retreat Cornwall

Ride on Retreats

Join us in gorgeous Cornwall for luxury Stand Up Paddle (SUP) and Yoga retreats. This is the perfect weekend getaway for those looking to unwind and enjoy surf and yoga with like minded company. Several weekends a month in April, May, June, September, October, November and December
Her on a hill uk-ireland-holidays

Day Walks in UK

Her on a Hill

Our guided day walks and workshops explore the beautiful landscape here in the UK. Many are on consecutive days, giving you the option of planning a multi-day visit. We are delighted to be working in partnership with some amazingly knowledgeable women to offer a variety of themes - do feel free to suggest additional topics! If you would like us to organise a bespoke walk or workshop then please contact us.
Womens Travel Club England and Wales

England and Wales

Womens Travel Club

It might be small but England packs a lot of scenery and history into its pint-sized shores. With a story that stretches back more than 5000 years (and likely long before), England is a place where the past is a constant presence, ruined castles perch on lonely hilltops, medieval cathedrals compete with regal palaces and improbably ostentatious stately homes pop up with bewildering regularity.
women of London tour

London Walking Tours

Women of London – Walking Tours

Women of London – Walking Tours – The importance of Women’s History has grown and will continue to do so as the Century goes on. Our world is built upon the actions of the women. Our statues, memorials and historical narrative do not yet reflect this. Uncover the story with us.
Sights and Soul London and

London and the English Countryside

Sights and Soul Travels

Enjoy the urban chic of London, sprinkled with the magic of royalty, art and gardens. See a West End theatre play, ride on the London Eye, tour the Tower of London, the British Museum, and take the Thames River cruise. Then venture to the picture perfect Cotswolds, discover the hidden Oxford, look for Jane Austen's heritage in Bath and visit the prehistoric Stonehenge.  (This is a Mother-Daughter recommended tour)