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Normanby and Channel islands

Picture Perfect Normandy + The Channel Islands

Girls’ Guide to Paris and Beyond

Full of contrasts, Normandy enchants and inspires with every bend in its country roads. From the rolling hills dotted with cows to its impressive rugged coastline; from its fairy-tale villages to its glorious cathedrals; it is a place that literally embraces you and transports you. No wonder the impressionists saw it as a canvas full of inspiration.
Canyon Calling Tuscany

Active Tuscany Vacation for Women in Italy

Canyon Calling Adventures for Women

Enjoy outdoor soft adventures, great food, wine tastings, beautiful art, the local people, history and culture. Midway down the Italian peninsula, Tuscany is known for rolling hills, fields of beautiful grapes and olive trees, dramatic cypress trees, and Italian villas – all adding up to gorgeous views at practically every turn. The beauty of the landscape is a photographer’s dream and proves perfect for walking and meandering.
Adventures in Good Company Slovenia

Hiking Slovenia and the Julian Alps

Adventures in Good Company

Slovenia, the first former Yugoslavian state to join the European Union, is culturally rich and stunningly beautiful. The Julian Alps are the easternmost part of the alpine chain that arcs across southern Europe and alpine history and culture are apparent everywhere. Limestone peaks, glacial lakes, and a vibrant capital city mixed with more traditional small towns make this an ideal destination for any woman who loves to combine alpine hiking with learning about local history and culture and sampling traditional Slovenian cuisine. Join Adventures in Good Company.
Adventures in Good Company Via Dinarica

Highlights of the Via Dinarica

Adventures in Good Company

Named Outside Magazine's Best New Trail, the Via Dinarica travels through the heart of the Western Balkans, along the Dinaric Alps. Crossing 8 different countries, it is still very much in development. Rather than waiting until it is completed, Adventures in Good Company are going to hike the highlights in three different countries, designed not only to show you the best of the trail of but also to give you an understanding of its significance and the cultures of the countries it passes through.
Adventures in Good Company Croatia

Pearls of the Croatian Coast

Adventures in Good Company

Croatia's Dalmatian Coast is a unique meld of cultures. While this is most clearly seen in the beginning and end of our trip, the contrasting cities of Split and Dubrovnik, every place we go has its own unique feel. We'll go beyond sightseeing as we journey off the beaten path on little-known hikes. Join Adventures in Good Company on this trip.