Kelli Mills Aurora Expeditions

Aurora Expeditions

Join us on our immersive, small-ship expeditions and travel experiences with a maximum of 132 expeditioners, to the world’s wildest and most remarkable destinations – Antarctica, the Arctic and beyond.

The Centre for GOOD Travel

The Centre for GOOD Travel is a social enterprise dedicated to a regenerative approach to tourism. We believe that by transforming why and how we travel, tourism has the potential to contribute to thriving communities and environments.

Conservation Volunteers International Program

ConservationVIP® is an environmental nonprofit which has supported public lands since 2007. Our founders established the nonprofit to channel the enthusiasm of travelers into activities which benefit the places they want to visit.

Cosa Buena

Cosa Buena is a social enterprise and nonprofit utilizing regenerative travel practices to support grassroots community leaders in their efforts to improve standards of living, address community-identified needs, and preserve traditions in Oaxaca, Mexico.