Equity Global Treks

Equity Global Treks supports the social projects we run through my human rights organization, The Porter Voice Collective, from producing documentary films to launching women leadership campaigns globally.

Rebecca Adventure Travel

Rebecca Adventure Travel, founded in 2007 by Rebecca Braak, offers sustainable and immersive travel experiences. With a focus on responsible tourism, we explore diverse destinations like Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, and the Galapagos Islands.

Conservation Volunteers International Program

ConservationVIP® is an environmental nonprofit which has supported public lands since 2007. Our founders established the nonprofit to channel the enthusiasm of travelers into activities which benefit the places they want to visit.

Walking Costa Brava

Walking Costabrava - Walking Trips Spain

Walking Costa Brava trips combine the perfect amount of hiking, in the most incredible Mediterranean Landscape, with the Culture and Art of Salvador Dali and the yummy gastronomy, and of course, the gossip and the tips by the best local guides to accompany you in a trip of a lifetime.

GM Photography Experiences

Welcome to Geotraveler Media Academy – where you will learn you how to bring your stories to life through visual storytelling, multimedia, and digital publishing and receive one-on-one lectures and mentorship from award-winning renown travel photographer Lola Akinmade Åkerström.

Wheel the World

We are a social enterprise with the purpose of making the world accessible and the goal to empower people with disabilities to explore the world without limits.

Eternal Landscapes Mongolia

Jess, Eternal Landscapes

Established in 2010, we’re a small Mongolia specialist – choose to travel with us & you’ll experience Mongolia through the eyes of those who call it home. We invite our guests to be part of a bigger travel philosophy as the trips we offer help to create positive social change.



We are two sisters new owners of WalkingWomen since August 2021. We are passionate about sharing our love of walking and having wonderful travel experiences with friends and family. Sometimes women just want to travel in the company of other women and we want to make this possible.

European Experiences

European Experiences hosts unique small group tours in beautiful places in France, Italy and England. Our groups base for one week in one place, usually a village or town in the countryside, to experience the region’s culture and make connections with local people. Women-only trips and mixed groups – solo travelers always welcome!

Adventures in Italy

Michelle Logue, Adventures in Italy

Adventures in Italy has been leading small groups in artistic and cultural tours in Orvieto, Umbria since 2003.

French Country Adventures

Sue Aran - French Country Adventures

French Country Adventures offers deluxe, 10-day, slow travel tours through Gascony, the Pays Basque, Occitanie, and beyond, for individuals and small groups, from early spring until late fall.