The Heart of Spain: Andalucía

The Heart of Spain: Andalucía - Girls Guide to the World

Enjoy Andalusia with complete piece of mind for 6 Nights with Girls Guide to the World

As travelers, we often follow the herd. On your first visit to Spain, you will probably head to Barcelona or Madrid. Both are incredible, but you haven’t seen the real Spain until you’ve ventured into awe-inspiring Andalucía.

Think of white-washed hillside towns, the glory and riches of Sevilla, and a magical palace, Grenada’s Alhambra. The powerful Flamenco dance hails from this part of Spain.

When you see the wonders of Granada, Sevilla, and Ronda, you’ll pinch yourself and ask, “Why haven’t I been here before?”

As we explore this wondrous region with its iconic architecture, you’ll be delighted by the Spanish/Moorish gardens, with their water features, exotic palms, orange and pomegranate trees, and tiled walkways.

We’ll stay in luxury hotels, refresh ourselves on flower-filled patios, and nosh on tapas daily. You’ll have plenty of time to shop, watch dramatic Flamenco shows, and enjoy the extraordinary cultural heritage.

The Heart of Spain Andalucía Highlights:

  • Clap along to Spanish classical guitar music as you watch Flamenco
  • Lay a hand on Christopher Columbus’ tomb
  • Take in the views of the gorge in Ronda

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Regina Winkle-Bryan is a writer, educator, and avid globetrotter based in Seattle, Washington. Sometimes, she stays longer in a place than expected, like those two-plus years in Central America. Or those ten years in Barcelona, Spain, working as a journalist, covering mostly travel, food, and design around the world.

She approaches each new expedition with a sense of humor and deep curiosity. Any adventure is a good adventure. Some of her most memorable and perspective-shifting journeys have been with fellow women adventurers. Regina aims to create a space for travelers to connect over shared wanderlust on women-only trips around the globe…and have some fun, too!

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