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Updated on November 30th, 2021

Why you should choose a Tour Company owned and run by women

There are hundreds of tour companies that cater to women, based in many countries around the world. By choosing a woman-owned company, you can support over 200 small businesses operating in 100 countries around the world, from Antarctica to Zimbabwe. The pandemic is causing shifts in how women travel: our research shows that while many women want to travel solo, many will also choose to travel in a group.

Finding the Right Tour Company for you

When you decide to book your long-anticipated adventure to a far-off destination, begin your search by looking for women-owned and women-friendly tour operators that cater to your interests. You can search by destination (country or city), or by type of experience (food, art, museums, hiking, adventure, slow travel).

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Featured Women-Owned and Operated Tour Companies

Talaysay Tours

Talaysay Tours offers you an authentic Aboriginal cultural and eco-tourism experiences in and around Vancouver, Squamish and the Sunshine Coast.

Animal Experiences International (AEI)

Animal Experiences International is a B Corp that helps students, professionals and animal lovers find international volunteer experiences with animals. 

Paris Café Writing

Led by Patricia Tennison, Paris Café Writing is a one-week, small-group seminar where we write in cafes.

Adventures in Italy

Adventures in Italy has been leading small groups in artistic and cultural tours in Orvieto, Umbria since 2003.

French Country Adventures

French Country Adventures offers deluxe, 10-day, slow travel tours through Gascony, the Pays Basque, Occitanie, and beyond, for individuals and small groups, from early spring until late fall.

Sacred Earth Journeys

Sacred Earth Journeys is dedicated to providing a more meaningful and rewarding travel experience, specializing in sacred sites tours and spiritual travel.

Broad Escapes Tours for Women

Renowned Bali expert Cathy Gotfried WOWS you while exploring all her favorite and secret places.

Babes in Bali

Renowned Bali expert Cathy Gotfried WOWS you while exploring all her favorite and secret places.

The Jasper Tour Company

Founded by Patti and Joe Urie, the Jasper Tour Company is your number one choice for adventure and wildlife on any visit to the Canadian Rockies.