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Updated on March 16th, 2022

Finding the Right Tour Company for you

When you decide to book your long-anticipated adventure to a far-off destination, begin your search by looking for women-owned and women-friendly tour operators that cater to your interests. We connect you with women’s tour companies worldwide. This provides you with an experience you can trust will be memorable and safe.

JourneyWoman Verified: When you see “JourneyWoman Verified” this means we have reviewed and validated the company’s experience, safety and ownership. In addition, new listings must have a minimum of five reviews to achieve verified status. If you have questions about a tour company please email us at info@journeywoman.com.

No single supplement: Hotels, cruise lines and some travel companies base their pricing on two people in a room. A single supplement is the surcharge added to the fare of a passenger traveling alone in a room that was designed for use by more than one person. Companies that offer ‘no single supplement’ do not charge extra for women to travel solo. To avoid paying more to travel solo, look for tours that offer ‘no single supplement’, find a travel partner, or negotiate the difference before you book a tour. Other strategies can be to travel in ‘low’ season, look for deals, or use a travel advisor. Find a travel partner on our private Forum or on our private Facebook Group

Proof of vaccination: Some tour companies require proof of vaccination. Please check before booking any travel.

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