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An Illustrated Journey with Lorraine Bell

Adventures in Italy

During this time with Lorraine in Orvieto, you will first create your own Wander Journal using basic bookbinding skills and old books.  Then get ready to fill your journal as Lorraine shows you how to capture the memories you make through illustrations and painting. Each day there will be lessons on sketching and painting in watercolor and other medium so you can document your journey.  This workshop is for all levels – no experience is necessary – just a willingness to learn and a sense of adventure! Lorraine will show you how to break down sketches and overcome the fear of drawing.  She will also teach you how to play with watercolor and let go of the desire to be “perfect!”   Lorraine’s travel journals are full of notes, ephemera, illustrations and doodles.  She will help you to embrace your own style throughout the week and then she will take you out on the streets of Orvieto to become a true travel sketcher! You can expect to go home with a happy heart and an art journal full of memories! Mornings will be spent in creative exploration, either in the studio or out around Orvieto. In the afternoon you will experience the culture of Italy. It might be a tour into the Etruscan caves, a cooking class, or a vineyard visit. There will also be plenty of free time to explore Orvieto on your own. You will receive a more detailed itinerary for the week in your final information packet sent before you travel. A traditional continental breakfast is served each morning in the B&B. Because Italian cuisine is such fun, some meals are not prearranged allowing you the freedom to choose where and what to eat. Recommendations are offered and no one eats alone! Lorraine Bell, also known as “The Wandering Artist,” is a self-taught Mixed Media Artist who fills her days with painting, traveling, and writing. Lorraine has filled volumes of sketchbooks with her illustrations and stories bursting with her adventures on the road. For her, the art in her travel journals is about documenting what she feels in the moment by taking in not only the sights, but also the memory associated with a certain place. Lorraine is one of the founding members of the collaborative team, Art to the 5th. She created a visual calendar/journal that was the inspiration for The Documented Life Project, a year-long undertaking that encouraged visual and written chronicles of daily life and gathered nearly 14,000 people in a creative and lively online adventure. This project sparked the ground-swelling popularity of the “planner” craze throughout the world.

Hiking Utah’s Majestic Parks

Adventures in Good Company

Southern Utah is home to some of the most well known National Parks, State Parks, and National Monuments; each with its own special magic and unique attractions. Zion National Park is famous for its soaring red Navajo Sandstone cliffs. Nearby Bryce Canyon is a testimonial to the erosive power of ice and rainwater, carving its colorful limestone into windows, fins, and soaring spires called hoodoos. Capitol Reef is a monument to the amazing power of uplift. Snow Canyon offers a strikingly fragile and unique desert environment, all provided by multiple volcanic eruptions in the areas tens of thousands of years ago. While we need to drive between parks (on some of the most scenic highways you will ever have the pleasure to drive on), this is not primarily a driving trip. We will hike between 3 and 6 hours every day and see each park as only hikers can.

The Luberon Experience – A Women-Only Trip!

European Experiences

Women-Only Trip! The Luberon is an incredibly beautiful valley surrounded by low mountains and views in every direction. The authentic perched village of Bonnieux is the perfect base to experience the best of Provence. Our week includes perched villages, colorful outdoor markets, wineries, a lavender distillery visit, countryside walks, and memorable meals in a variety of settings.

Golden Eagle Experience 2023

GM Photography Experiences

This exclusive 8-day, 7-night in-country photography workshop will take us to Western Mongolia to experience one of the world's revered cultural traditions. Immerse yourself in eagle hunting culture, experience Kazakh culture, games, traditions, and nomadic lifestyle.

Heart of the Pachamama with Puma Quispe Singona

Sacred Earth Journeys

Sacred Earth Journeyes has tapped Andean Medicine Man and Wisdom Keeper, Puma Quispe Singona, to guide women thorugh the spiritual heart of Peru: hear traditional teachings, participate in ceremonies, and undertake powerful healing and energy work, with a visit to the spectacular Incan archaeological site of Quillarumiyoc - Temple of the Moon.
Misty Mawn - Adventures in Italy

Exploring the Heart & Soul of Orvieto with Paint

Adventures in Italy

Join Misty Mawn and spark your creativity on the land where some of the most influential artists once lived. It’s no wonder that Italy is the dreamland for many artists, filled with so much rich history, breathtaking beauty, and authentic culture. Take this opportunity to immerse yourself in a meaningful experience that will stay with you forever. During our time together, we will wander the cobblestone streets seeking inspiration to influence our work. We will sketch out ideas to bring back to the studio and then work out ideas for an original Italian-inspired painting. Learn how to edit your ideas and make a strong composition for painting. Learn the art of basic color mixing and how to create harmony in your work.  Each day there will be time to spend working in your sketchbook/journal.  The first day will be spent sketching and planning and doing a few color studies. The next day will be spent mixing paints and working out ideas on a preliminary painting. The remainder of  days will be spent working on the final painting. Individual guidance and gentle critique will be provided.  All levels are welcome. Mornings will be spent with Misty, either in the studio or out around Orvieto. In the afternoon you will experience the culture of Italy. It might be a tour into the Etruscan caves, a cooking class, or a vineyard visit. There will also be plenty of free time to explore Orvieto on your own. You will receive a more detailed itinerary for the week in your final information packet sent before you travel. A traditional continental breakfast is served each morning in the B&B. Because Italian cuisine is such fun, some meals are not prearranged allowing you the freedom to choose where and what to eat. Recommendations are offered and no one eats alone! Misty Mawn is a full time mixed media artist.  She is an international workshop instructor as well as the author of Unfurling, A Mixed Media Workshop. Inspiration and Techniques for Self -Expression through art. She has been published in multiple publications from Somerset Studio, Cloth Paper, Scissors, to Spirituality and Health Magazine. Passionate about living a creative life, she carries with her an insatiable curiosity for the world we live in and finds inspiration everywhere she goes. She loves to share that found inspiration with those she teaches.
Bali Explorer - Wild Women Expeditions

Bali Explorer

Wild Women Expeditions

Bali will bring you unexpected harmony and balance. Relax your mind with therapeutic body treatments and hot spring soaks. Amaze your travel-starved soul with the colourful blur of indigo starfish, anemones and clownfish while snorkeling. The feel-good vibes are ocean deep as this itinerary allows you to contribute to a coral farm restoration project and plant a mangrove tree! On our Beauty of Wild Bali Tour, your days will be dedicated to tapping into the deep spirit and resilience of the monsoon, savanna and coral forests. Bali’s undulating landscape of agriculture and unbridled nature is an equilibrium of tidy rice terraces, cascading waterfalls, active volcanoes and sandy ribbons of coastline. The cultural and spiritual tapestry is a tight and beautiful weave. It’s witnessed in the boisterous markets, ornate sacred temples, elaborate floral blessings and the intricate stone carvings of the Elephant Cave. Bird lovers will swoon over the tropical species and the opportunity to visit the Bali Starling Sanctuary–a successful breeding and reintroduction program that has rebounded the population from 10 in 2006 to over 100 present day. Add playful macaque monkeys, the jade fields of Ubud valley, the heady scent of clove, the juicy meat of snake fruit and a picnic on a bamboo raft! There will be unmatched cups of coffee on the lip of a volcano at sunrise, traditional Balinese dance lessons and yoga classes with a panorama to remind you to breathe it all in. From West Bali National Park to the magic of Menjangan Island to cycling through the rice paddy fields of Sidemen to the beaches of Sanur, there’s balance found in Bali. This itinerary allows for a generous amount of free time to reflect, connect, journal, sketch and invest in your own well-being, while in the safe comfort of a Wild Women group!

Women’s Work in the Oaxacan Highlands

Corazón Journeys

We will meet with women activists and artists who are challenging the patriarchy, determining innovative ways to design and market their traditional arts, and build their communities through sustainable farming in Mexico. There will be visit to museums, galleries, artists’ studios and community festivals.

Barcelona and the Costa Brava

Bold Spirit Travel

Barcelona beckons, promising Roman ruins, culinary adventures, chic shopping, psychedelic Antoni Gaudí architecture, and the gentle lap of the Mediterranean Sea. Join us on an eight-day, women-only, small-group adventure.
French country market - French Country Adventures

Edible Provence

French Country Adventures

The French passion for food is celebrated in the village markets where seasonal foods are still regarded as the mainstays of daily living. We’ll visit farmers’ markets, indulge in two hands-on cooking classes with local chefs, dine at Michelin Guide restaurants , and explore charming villages.
Ultimate Egypt - Wild Women Expeditions

Ultimate Egypt

Wild Women Expeditions

Everything about Egypt is bigger than you can fathom. The mega temples, giant statues and jaw-dropper pyramids were built without the restrictions of reality. It’s spices, sphinxes, statues. It’s a landscape that surprises from brown sugar sand dunes to cornflower salt lakes to jammed cities reverberating with car horns. The bazaars and markets hum with rehearsed barter and quick hands that bag aromatic turmeric and saffron at lightning speed. Feel the lull of the Nile’s belly in a traditional Dahabiya boat as this itinerary cruises through the best of Egypt at a carefully measured speed designed for absorption. We’ll immerse ourselves in all things royal and ancient in the shadows of the Queens, goddesses and female pharaohs before us. Yes, you’ll see all the staples: the Giza Plateau (by camel!), the recumbent Sphinx, the Temple of Luxor, Abu Simbel! We’ll dig deep into the archives of several museums, keep company with an Egyptologist guide and observe the fossilized evolution of whales as they transform under our feet in the Valley of the Whales. From the towering colonnades and obelisks to the pastoral Nubian countryside, we will follow the Nile’s gentle push to the High Dam to witness UNESCO’s incredible rescue effort and successful relocation of Abu Simbel and Philae Temple. Though the intricate hennas will eventually fade from our palms, our time in the mystical embrace of Egypt will be indelible.
Spring Autum Detox Womens Retreats France Margaretha Montagu

Great Spring/Autumn Detox Your Body and Detox Your Mind with Intermittent Fasting Retreat

Margaretha Montagu Retreats

If you want to get rid of accumulated toxins and lose weight, without harming your health, while eating healthily, and get your exercise walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, then this 8-day retreat in the sun-drenched south of France is exactly what you need. You want to feel and look great, have loads of energy, feel confident, comfortably fit into your clothes, enjoy exercise and sleep better, but you don't want to compromise your immunity as the kilos drop off, you want to increase it, to protect you against infections in these post-pandemic times. This is your opportunity to test-drive the intermittent fasting lifestyle, aka time-restricted eating, to find out if it suits you, while at the same time thoroughly detoxing your body and your mind, while you walk the Camino. During this retreat, hosted in the foothills of the mighty Pyrenées mountains in the unspoiled and largely undiscovered sun-blessed southwest of France, you can get all your questions answered by a medical doctor who has been living this lifestyle herself for several years. Your home-from-home, for 8 days (or longer!) will be a much-loved French farmhouse surrounded by sunflower fields, ancient woods, lush meadows, and fertile orchards.

"I created this retreat because I want more than just a (temporary) detox and weight loss for my guests. I want to empower and educate my guests to be able to keep the weight off permanently and develop a long-term exercise program that will improve their health, and decrease their risk of developing various acute and chronic diseases. That is why I chose to host these weight loss retreats in a part of the world where inhabitants live some of the longest, healthiest and fittest lives in Europe, despite eating substantial amounts of rich food and drinking copious amounts of wine, " says Dr Montagu, author of Self-Confidence Made Simple - 12 Frenchwomen Share Their Confidence Secrets.

Imagine sitting under 200-year-old lime trees, comfortably ensconced in a sun-lounger, listening to the birds chatting away happily in the trees, sipping a scrumptious, ice-cold glass of fresh-pressed juice with the perfume of wildflowers and herbs scenting the air, while contemplating the extensive benefits of a completely different lifestyle... Are you ready for a detox and weight loss retreat that will leave you feeling vibrantly alive, full of joie de vivre, deliciously indulged and profoundly relaxed from the top of your head to the tips of your toes?