Azores Horseback Riding Tour

Updated on September 18th, 2023

There are over a dozen ways to Santiago and the spaghetti trails run from Italy, France and Portugal with a sacred union in Santiago where apostle Saint James lies in wait.

This Camino Portuguese pilgrimage is 114km long and threads through verdant tunnels of eucalyptus trees, tangles of kiwi orchards, century-old vineyards, cerulean estuaries and fishing harbours humming with activity.

Cross over smooth cobblestones pushed by coastal Atlantic winds, soak in the rejuvenating waters of Calads de Reis’ natural hot springs and be sure to pull up a seat to oysters served every which way in Arcade (Galicia’s oyster capital). Marinated, drizzled with lemon or stuffed in a savoury empanada (Galician pie), the “truffles of the sea” are a prerequisite for the miles ahead as is the celebrated local Albariño white wine.

Along “The Way” you will collect Camino passport stamps in your “credencial” at several landmarks (churches, hostels, bars, cafes) that will entitle you to receive the official Compostela in Santiago. Pilgrims who are awarded the Compostela must travel at least 100km on foot (or in the saddle of a horse or bike!). The unique ink stamps will remain in your heart like a tattoo (that you won’t regret!).

Expect Romanesque architecture, savoury Padrón pepper lunches, knock-out views of the Cíes Islands and the reliable Camino camaraderie that makes the pilgrimage route a rare and coveted experience.