Chef Michael Rantissi’s Culinary Tour

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Michael Rantissi’s modern, inventive approach to Middle Eastern cooking has made him a star in the Australian food scene, but his love of food and entertaining began at home growing up in Israel. Now, the charming and passionate Israeli-born chef and owner of Kepos Street Kitchen, Kepos Catering and (co-owner) Salma’s Canteen, and co-author of two cookbooks, Falafel for Breakfast and Hummus & Co., is going back to his roots to lead an intimate culinary tour in Israel, starting in Tel Aviv, travelling north to Nazareth and ending in Jerusalem.

Over 9 days, Michael will showcase the history, ingredients and cooking techniques of the region. He’ll introduce guests to the person he credits for his love of cooking – his mum – and share the skills he learnt on his journey from apprentice to one of the most innovative and successful business operators in Sydney. Along the way you’ll meet other chefs and food artisans who will show you the best of the region. You’ll eat, drink, watch and learn and return home happy and full and armed with the know-how to try making it all yourself. Come experience this unforgettable trip for yourself!

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