Costa Rica: From Sea to Mountains

Costa Rica, a pioneer in the field of ecotourism, is known both for the diversity of its ecosystems and for the government’s efforts to protect those ecosystems in National Parks. In fact, Costa Rica has managed to protect a larger proportion of its land than any other country in the world, with 25% receiving some form of protection. This is a country of many unique ecosystems: rainforests, beaches, jungles, and even snow capped mountains. Costa Rica’s flora and fauna, particularly birds and flowers, are amazingly rich. In this land of jewels, we have picked out the three best places that you have to visit to appreciate just how diverse this country is. After arriving in San Jose we travel to Tortuguero National Park with its system of jungle canals on one side and the Atlantic Coast on the other. We then visit the Arenal area, best known for its volcano and hot springs. Finally we end in the lush cloud forest of Monteverde. We haven’t seen it all, but in 10 days we’ve seen a ton!