East African Experience


We are thrilled to offer an unforgettable tour that combines community-based support, thrilling wildlife encounters, rich cultures, and meaningful local interactions in Kenya and Tanzania. We have designed this itinerary to provide travellers with a well-rounded experience that not only showcases some of the natural wonders of East Africa but also promotes sustainable tourism and engagement with local communities.


Wildlife Galore:
* Explore the magnificent breathtaking Kenya and Tanzania’s national parks and game reserves
* Enjoy the thrilling safari game-driving adventures in the world renowned Serengeti National Park
* Tick off the Big-5
* Enjoy the fascinating wildlife commentaries by our highly knowledgeable and expert safari guides

Cultural Interactions:
* Enjoy a unique experience staying and interacting with the Chagga people who inhabit the rain forest and jungle region of Mt Kilimanjaro
* Support sustainable tourism initiatives that contribute to the local community’s well-being
* Participate in coffee making and the ceremonious dancing and singing that accompany the process
* Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the Maasai people through a guided visit to a working Maasai village
* Participate in traditional ceremonies, learn about their customs, and interact with locals

* Stay in comfortable accommodations that reflect the natural beauty of the surroundings but combines with the environment and nature of this particular tour
* Experience a mix of home stay, camps, lodges and guest houses- all providing a blend of comfort and wilderness experience

Professional Guides:
* You will be accompanied for the duration of the tour by highly skilled and professional safari guides who all have a wealth of experience in providing safaris in East Africa
* Your guides are friendly, and always regard your safety at #1 priority and with you 24/7

Responsible Tourism:
* You will embrace responsible travel practices that focus on conservation and support for local communities
* Learn about conservation that focuses on preserving East Africa’s diverse ecosystems that is aimed at preserving East Africa’s diverse ecosystems

In summary, our Kenya and Tanzania tour offers an enriching blend of community-based support, wildlife adventures, cultural immersion, and local interactions. It’s a carefully curated experience that not only allows you to explore the natural wonders of these East African gems but also to make a positive impact and forge meaningful connections with the remarkable people who call this region home. Join us on this unforgettable journey of discovery and connection.

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