Egypt & Jordan: Wonders of the World

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Cruise the River Nile and walk among the pyramids, ancient temples, and archeological sites of captivating Egypt and Jordan. Join one of AdventureWomen’s all-time most popular trips in Cairo!

Egypt is one of the most intoxicating destinations in the world, unequaled in its prodigious contributions to world culture. Jordan’s cultural treasures shine as early examples of human ingenuity. From hieroglyphs and temples to the ruins of Petra, walk with wonder among artifacts created by two of the world’s oldest societies, from 2,500 BC to Year One.

During your adventure, you’ll get to know your expert Egyptologist and Jordanian guides, who will help you learn about the region’s history, culture, and ancient buildings. You are also accompanied by an AdventureWomen Ambassador, committed to helping make your experience a fun and personally rewarding adventure and cheering you on as you reach beyond your comfort zone to take on new challenges in your own unique way.

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