Embracing Mama Africa


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This 16 day ladies-only journey through stunning Kenya provides a real authentic balanced blend of cultural immersion, contributions and engagement with women’s initiatives and of course wildlife encounters, allowing you to create lasting memories while gaining a deep appreciation for the remarkable women and diversity of Kenya.

You’ll have the unique privilege of staying at Umoja Village, a wonderful women-only village established by Samburu women. Here, you’ll engage in a real cultural experience, by learning their traditional way of life, and contributing to the empowerment of these remarkable women. By participating in community activities and supporting local women’s initiatives, you’ll not only gain a deeper understanding of their resilience but also create lasting connections.

There are so many other highlights included in this itinerary- such as supporting a handcrafted jewellery enterprise, a flower farm, environmental enterprise turning flip-flops into beautiful craft.

We go on safaris into some of the most famous national parks in the world, including the Maasai Mara National Reserve, a low-key cycle adventure in Hell’ss Gate National Park, Samburu National Park, Nakuru National Park – all in search of the Big-5 (elephant, lion, rhino, leopard, buffalo) plus so many other iconic African animals.

And to top of a truly magical exhilarating tour, we take a short flight to the coast to enjoy the remaining 3 days in total rest and relaxation at one of the most beautiful beaches on the Indian Ocean coast line.


Spend a morning at our very own primary school, Tamariki Education Centr
Learn to cook traditional Kenyan cuisine
Visit and stay overnight at Umoja Village – a unique women-only village
Game spotting – by bicycle in stunning geothermal Hells Gate National Park
Learn to build a traditional hut
Visit a baby elephant orphanage and fall in love
Immerse yourself in many community-based projects – and make a difference
Go on safari in world famous Maasai Mara
Game drive in search of the Big-five and many iconic African wildlife
Spend 3 nights at Kenya’s gorgeous Indian Ocean coast

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