Explore Spain: Seville and Granada


Come explore Southern Spain and experience its varied tapas, passionate flamenco shows, sangria, and sunny towns packed with centuries of history.

On this seven-day, all-women, small-group journey, you will visit Seville, Ronda, and Granada.

Our base for this adventure will be beautiful hotels in Seville and Granada.

This trip is ideal for solo women travelers. Or bring a buddy who also loves to travel.

The Moors from Northern Africa ruled this part of Spain for 800 years and the result is a blend of architecture and cultures.

On this Bold Spirit tour, you’ll visit the Royal Alcázars of Seville, a royal palace constructed on the site of an Abbadid Muslim alcazar, a residential fortress.

You’ll also explore the jewel of Andalusia, and one of Spain’s most-visited monuments, La Alhambra. This UNESCO Heritage Site includes the Alhambra fortress and Generalife, a former rural residence of the emirs (Arab rulers) who controlled this part of Spain in the 13th and 14th centuries.

Apart from admiring palaces and gardens, you’ll experience a foot-stomping flamenco show right in Seville, devour regional dishes, unwind in a steamy hammam in Granada, and learn to cook like a local so you can recreate tapas when you’re back home.

Our well-appointed, central hotels will put you right where the action is and within walking distance of great shopping in both Seville and Granada.

Are you ready to travel to Andalusia? Join us on this journey and fall in love with the friendly people, delicious cuisine, and the fascinating history of this slice of Spain.

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