Explore Tuscany and Umbria


Join us on an eight-day, women-only, small-group adventure to Tuscany and Umbria. Your dolce vita journey kicks off in Florence, where mopeds buzz and the gelato flows in rainbow hues.

Discover the art, food, and people that put Florence at the top of travelers’ lists. Cross Florence’s bridges and admire the abs on Michelangelo’s David in the Galleria dell’ Accademia as you explore this achingly beautiful city with a group of women who love adventure as much as you do.

Italy is a place to eat well and often, and you will do both in Umbria, the land of Orvieto Classico wine, wild boar ragu, and medieval hilltop villages.

Orvieto is your base in Umbria, a walled city perfect for walking, lingering in dreamy cafes, and setting your clock to Italian time. Tour Orvieto’s magnificent Duomo, go underground to some of the 1200 caves beneath the city, and – of course – sample the renowned Orvieto Classico and regional specialties over dinner with your new travel friends.

This journey is about the good things in life: friendship, fun, and food. Leave the logistics to us and prepare to be impressed.

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