Morocco Explorer

Travel in a full and mind-expanding circle on part of the trade caravan route from ancient Marrakech to an 11th-century earthen clay fortified city through the High Atlas mountain range to tiny Berber villages to the lush oases and date palms of the Sahara and back.

Get ready for dramatic transitions–from the bustling souks to the serene desertscape. Walk through labyrinthine alleys and then days later share rocky single-track paths with agile mules. The sounds and aromas of the medinas mix with booming calls to prayer in sharp contrast to the unrecognizable silence of the Sahara.

On this adventure you’ll learn about the origins and symbolism of hennas from a local female Hennaya (Henna tattoo artist). You’ll also share an authentic Moroccan dinner and stories with a local Marrakchi family in their home.

From Marakkech, the Tizi n`Tichka (the highest paved mountain pass in Morocco) is the gateway and former caravan route to the Sahara desert. Absorb the phenomenal moment of a simmering sunset in the Erg Chegaga dunes on a true desert 4×4–a camel!

This journey combines the perfect balance of traditional accommodations, endless landscape and deeply educational opportunities at the Tamegroute Koranic Library, Argaeraie Biosphere Reserve, pilgrimage sites, mosques and medinas.

The enormity of everything will overwhelm in the most transformative way. From the desert palate to the fragrant spices, the flavours and feeling of being in Morocco are unmatched. It’s an adventure of surprises–from dinosaur fossils to walnut groves, watermelons to tree-climbing goats to road signs pointing to Timbuktu. You’ll see!

Join a fun, curious and compelling group of Wild Women on our brand new 9-day caravan through Morocco’s undeniable wonders. This is the perfect trip for our Wild at Heart community members.