Scotland Hiking Adventure

Scotland Hiking Adventure - Wild Women Expeditions

Updated on September 18th, 2023

The Scottish Highlands are easy to visualize. Misty moors, lush glens, ancient castles and the rapture of folklore (or is it folklore?) surrounding mythic sea creatures. The verdant isles, jagged coastline, shimmering cities and deep lochs are the views that a dram of whisky were designed for!

Plockton. Old Man of Storr. Kelpie. Black Cuillin. These names are like a roll call of spirits. Cheeky and curious red squirrels chatter away in the woods. Shaggy Highland cattle set the scene. Elusive wildlife like the tabby-like Scottish wildcat, pine marten, red deer and capercaillies (the largest member of the grouse family) surprise the quiet hiker.

As we hike and paddle our way through the dramatic scenery it’s easy to feel as though you’ve been pulled into the depths of a watercolour. Hillsides blur purple with Scottish heather. A cool mist clings to bare skin and clothes with a reassuring weight. Golden eagles circle, turning dizzying shadows on the ground below.

This is a place to recalibrate and be consumed by all that the Highlands have to offer. Scotland wants to tell you a story, and it wants you to pay attention.

The tundra-like landscape gives way to remote beaches, still lakes and the hulking shadows of Ben Nevis Mountain.

We’ll glide kayaks through the glass-like serenity of Loch Carron. There will be castle ruins, rural villages, seafood hooked fresh from the denim waters.

Invite your inner warrior to the challenge and transformation that can only be found in our Highlands Hiking adventure!