Travel Volunteering

Updated on August 11th, 2023

A unique way adults and students can experience a place and culture. These trips may include projects, social events, seasonal relevance, and community engagements. Volunteers will be immersed in the local community and engage in families, special projects, language, teaching a language, feeding animals, garden management, and agricultural projects among others things.

Most volunteers come to make their contributions to local communities, but they also seek the chance to explore and adventure beyond. In this instance, volunteers are also guests and become “Voluntourists.” These custom-created adventure packages provide the best of both worlds, allowing our volunteers a deeper and richer exploration of Uganda. Voluntourists leave with hearts full and minds blown.
we offer the following that our volunteers can also enjoy at their time of stay.
• gorilla tracking
• Travel volunteering & community service trips.
● Student study trips/tours/experiences and internship.
● Bird watching
● Agritourism
● ecotourism
● community tourism
● Chimpanzee tracking
● Wildlife and game drive safaris
● Mountain Hikes
● Photo safaris
● Nature & jungle walks
● Cultural Heritage Tours
● Water cruises
● Local hotel accommodation bookings
● Transportation to/from Airport
● Car Rental