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Updated on March 17th, 2022

Grow your business with the largest women’s travel network in the world

Did you know that women make over 80% of all travel decisions and comprise 2/3 of all travellers?

Are you a women-owned business? Do you organize tours or retreats for women? Do you take special precautions to ensure women’s safety? Then we’d love to speak with you! As a small business, we understand how challenging this time has been. Our goal is to connect our global audience of women travellers to your business and help you recover from the pandemic.

In August 2021, JourneyWoman CEO Carolyn Ray was invited by Rosemary Neave to bring her website, Women Travel the World ( into our family, creating the largest resource of women-friendly tours, retreats, accommodations and guides in the world. You can read more about this here.

We do not sell tours, nor do we take a commission on sales.

Annual Listings + Packages

We accept 12-month listings on an ongoing basis. For Tours and Retreats, an annual company listing starts at only US$400 (about $33 a month!). 

Once approved, Tour Companies and Retreats can purchase annual packages that scale from a small enterprise package (up to 3 listings) to a large company (60+). For Accommodations, we do not accept personal or residential listings but can refer you to one of our accommodation partners. Please email Tom for more information.


We work with our partners to build integrated marketing plans, giving you access to our mailing list of 60,000 women around the world.

Benefits include: 

  • Advertise your tour or retreat in themed newsletters that focus on adventure travel, slow travel, safaris and more…
  • Social media exposure on JourneyWoman’s social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube (over 100,000+ followers)
  • Opportunities to participate in JourneyWoman’s editorial features, book club, webinars, courses and events, including our Women’s Travel Wisdom Retreat with Girls’ Guide to Paris in October 2022 
  • Verified members are invited to join monthly calls and a private Facebook group to collaborate, share resources and advice 
  • And more!

Current members: Thank you to all of our partners who have signed up for another year. We are so grateful to you for your trust and confidence. If you have already renewed for 2022, you can access our editorial calendar, rate card, private Facebook group and monthly calls. If you are Verified, don’t forget to download your new “JourneyWoman Verified” website badge the next time you log in to your portal. 

New/Lapsed members:  New listings are welcomed year-round. During the pandemic, out of generosity, listings were not charged yet we continued to upload your tours, so they may be out of date. If you have not updated your listing, please start the process here. Listings that are out of date will be removed.

Verified by JourneyWoman

Each new listing will need to participate in a verification process, which includes an interview, and a review of your website and materials. For new listings to be verified, you must have a minimum of five Reviews on your company listing and provide a reference from another company listed in our Directory. Verified members receive additional marketing and business benefits, including placement of our badge on your website, an invitation to join our monthly calls and participate in our private Facebook group. Details are provided upon submission.

Still have questions? Click here to check out our FAQ section.

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