Avalon Waterways

Pam Hoffee - President, Avalon Waterways

For travellers who don’t follow the herd… those who always forge their own path and have a distinct perspective of looking at the world, Avalon Waterways presents a river cruise experience with expansive views and wider perspectives. A cruise where our traveller’s vision leads the way.

Travel Mindset Consultant & Events

I’m wholeheartedly committed to empowering women to travel and bring their dreams to life by nurturing a grounded, curious mindset and reshaping their narratives. It brings me great joy to support each female traveller on a journey of self-discovery, encouraging her to embrace the unknown and to travel in ease and joy. Travel is a journey in cultivating instincts, building unwavering confidence, and embracing transformative opportunities for self-empowerment. I am delighted to support every Journey Woman achieve her travel aspirations with a sense of delight and purpose.

Pack A Fork!

Pack A Fork! is a boutique tour operator specializing in tours that give guests an opportunity to discover and share destinations together through culture and food.