Updated on August 4th, 2022

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Scotland-outlander story

Scotland – Outlander Story

Womens Travel Network Canada

The history, scenery, and legends of Scotland have come alive in the TV series  Outlander, based on the best-seller series by American author Diana Gabaldon. On this tour, we will experience Scotland as the home of Gabaldon’s heroes Jamie and Claire by visiting many of the sites that double as their fictional land. We’ll see the standing stones, romantic castles, and sweeping scenery that inspired the books.  As we are swept away into Jamie and Claire’s world, we’ll discover a magical mix of mountains, lochs, forests and glens, in a land steeped in fascinating history, culture and heritage.

The Divine Destination Collection Revive Retreat “Camp Divine”

The Divine Destination Collection

A unique and exclusive curated “Divine” Glamping experience at Whispering Springs Resort featuring gourmet meals, daily yoga and forest bathing. An unrivalled way to experience the best of the great outdoors! Join us where luxury, adventure and spirituality meet in simply Divine style!
F5 Escapes Andamans

1-4 Day trips in India

F5 Escapes for Women

F5 Escapes is a local company run by women for women - our tour calendar lists their  trips over 4 days, but they have some great 1-3 day trips - check their website for details
Best of Egypt - Trafalgar

Best of Egypt (Women Only)


Awaken your inner explorer on this women’s only tour through the lush river valleys and golden desert landscapes of Egypt. Cruise the Nile past the pharaonic temples of Luxor to the Nubian treasures of Aswan. Your voyage will also take you to the mystical Pyramids of Giza, Tomb of the Nobles and the Sphinx.

Find Yourself In Mongolia – Female Led Yoga & Wellness

Eternal Landscapes Mongolia

The immensity & peacefulness of Mongolia’s landscapes provides a wonderful physical & mental recharge on our female-led yoga & wellness experience. There’s time for rest, rejuvenation, & reflection as you practice yoga within the landscapes, enjoy the stillness & connect with Mongolia’s herders.
Freya and sisters Annet

Freya Sisters – your local guide in Hungary

Freya & Sisters – Anett Hrubiak

Let Anett be your guide for Hungary and beyond – She can save you so much time, because I know the country and can arrange a perfect tour for you.

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