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Established in New Zealand by Rosemary Neave in 2009 and expanded by Carolyn Ray in 2021, the JourneyWoman Travel Directory  connects women travelers with women-run tourism ventures in over 100 countries. These include women-friendly tours, retreats, guides and accommodations.

In 2021, Rosemary connected with JourneyWoman CEO Carolyn Ray. Carolyn had taken over the iconic women’s travel website from Evelyn Hannon in 2019. JourneyWoman was established in 1994 and is known for being the world’s leading expert on solo women’s travel. This is because JourneyWoman publishes content on popular topics of interest to women. This can include articles about safety, self-defense, travel tips, packing, and more.

JourneyWoman and Women Travel the World

Together, Women Travel the World and JourneyWoman will give women access to hundreds of verified women-friendly tours. These tours will certainly include walking, cycling, slow travel, luxury travel and more. Above all, this resource gives women the ability to support over 100 small businesses. That is to say businesses in over 100 countries around the world from Antarctica to Zimbabwe!

Women are the guiding force in travel. Therefore, we hope that women will play an active role in helping tourism in the countries that need it most. Thus it is evident that the choices we make today will affect our children’s future. 

Our global survey found that 80% of women are more likely to choose travel products if they have been verified by JourneyWoman. 

Rosemary continues her involvement with JourneyWoman as a member of the JourneyWoman Advisory Council. The council is a group of travel experts that provide women with travel advice.

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Why Join: Benefits to our Partners

  • Be known as one of a select group of women-friendly businesses that are in tune with the needs of women travelers around the world.
  • Save time and money by marketing your business directly to engaged, bold women around the world
  • Our internet promotions give you world-wide attention for minimal cost
  • Promote your business in our semi-monthly (twice monthly) email newsletter to 55,000 women
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Pack Light Global Ghana Africa
Cuban Adventures tours for women
Dog sledding and winter fun - Adventures in Good Company

Our Goals

To create and market a group of websites and social media channels. These will connect women-owned and run travel and tour businesses to women travelers.

We will provide women-run tourism ventures with:

  • Websites they can be proud to be a part of that drive traffic to their business
  • Social Media channels that support the websites and drive traffic to their business
  • Flexible payment options for advertising and promotion
  • Membership in a global community with resource sharing
  • Management which is responsive to operators and travelers needs
Swan Hellenic Antarctica expedition ship tours for women
Accessible tour of Costa Rica - Wheel the World
Mountain hiking adventures in good company
Two women stop to take a photo while on a hiking trip. Traveling more sustainably is one way women can make a difference in travel.
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