About Women Travel the World

The world's largest travel resource for women

Updated on August 31st, 2021

Established in New Zealand by Rosemary Neave in 2009, Women Travel the World connects women travellers with women-run tourism ventures in over 100 countries, including women-friendly tours, retreats, guides and accommodations.

In 2021, Rosemary connected with JourneyWoman CEO Carolyn Ray, who had taken over the iconic women’s travel website from Evelyn Hannon in 2019. Established in 1994, JourneyWoman is recognized as the world’s leading expert on solo women’s travel, and publishes editorial features on specific topics of interest to women, including safety, self-defense, travel tips, packing, and more.

Together, Women Travel the World and JourneyWoman will give women access to over 750 verified women-friendly tours, including walking, cycling, slow travel, luxury travel and more. This resource also provides women with the unprecedented ability to support over 200 small businesses operating in 100 countries around the world, from Antarctica to Zimbabwe.

About Women Travel the World

As we return to travel, our two websites — Journeywoman.com and Womentravel.info — will connect women travellers with women-friendly tourism businesses that have been severely impacted by the pandemic. It’s our aspiration that women, as the primary influencers in travel, will play an active role helping reshape tourism in the countries that need it most. The choices we make today will affect generations to come. 

We have already started making improvements to the Women Travel website and have ambitious plans to help you rebuild your business as we recover from the pandemic. Soon, we will be adding reviews by women and introducing a safety verification program. You might be interested to know that we recently conducted a global survey and learned that 80% of women are more likely to choose a tour, accommodation or retreat if it has been verified by JourneyWoman. 

Rosemary will continue to stay involved with Women Travel the World and is now a member of the JourneyWoman Advisory Council, a group of travel experts who provide women with advice on travel.

Why Join: Benefits to our Partners

  • Identify as one of a select group of women-friendly businesses recognized as paying special attention to the needs of the woman traveller around the world.
  • Save time and money by group marketing your business directly to engaged, adventurous women around the world
  • Get maximum visibility world wide for minimal cost with our ongoing Internet promotion
  • Promote your business in our semi-monthly (twice monthly) email newsletter to 55,000 women
  • Get regular promotion on WTW and JourneyWoman Social Media sites (80,000+ followers)
  • Join our monthly Tour /Retreat Operators calls and our private Tour Operators Facebook group to share resources and ideas (Contact: tom@journeywoman.com for an invitation).

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Our Goals

To establish and market a group of websites and social media channels to connect women-owned and run accommodation and tour businesses to women travelers.

We are committed to providing women-run tourism ventures with:

  • Websites they can be proud to be a part of and which drive traffic to their businesses
  • Social Media channels that support the websites and drive traffic to their businesses
  • Flexible payment options for advertising and promotion
  • Belonging to a global community where ideas and resources are shared freely among women business owners
  • Management which is responsive to operators and travelers needs