Tranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge

The Panama Eco Lodge Adventure You Will Love

“Tranquilo Bay curates treasured memories through stewardship. We believe stewardship should be about how we treat our neighbors and shepherd the earth wherever we are a given week – at home or on a trip.”

When we established Tranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge in 2005, we had a loose set of values that we have solidified over the last 19 years. Our guiding principles, steward, serve, and sustain, are more than words to us. They are a commitment.⁣ As we steward, we work tirelessly to conserve and regenerate what has been placed into our hands, ensuring we are accountable to the community and the world.⁣ To serve, we support all stakeholders through open-hearted curation and creative communication. And to sustain, we do the work that considers the long-term effect of our actions, ensuring the business continues to be a force for good.

Many people view a vacation as an expense. We see it as an investment in treasured memories. When you embark on a beautiful, sustainable, and memorable experience with us, it’s more than a getaway. It’s a journey that connects you with yourself and each member of your travel party. It’s a chance to unplug and let go of your everyday, to try new things, and to relax. Your investment today will be repaid in the form of treasured memories that will last a lifetime. 

As the Chief Steward of Tranquilo Bay and a 56-year-old woman, I’m here to celebrate words like **Stewardship**, **Legacy**, and **Values**. The only non-renewable resource in our lives is time; with that in mind, wouldn’t you rather spend that precious resource doing something with lasting value that you will treasure? Our team is committed to making this vacation the one you remember for decades. Our all-inclusive package permits us to curate your stay. We execute everything, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

After fifteen years of dedicated work, Bocas del Toro has gained recognition as one of the premier destinations in Panama for bird-watching & wildlife. Bocas is the best place in the world to film sloths and a super place to film poison-dart frogs. We offer expertise and services to those seeking to explore the skies. Throughout this journey, we’ve practiced responsible tourism and participated in a global initiative on Regenerative Travel. As stated in “Move Over, Sustainable Travel. Regenerative Travel Has Arrived” by The New York Times, sustainable tourism sets a modest standard of not negatively impacting a place. In contrast, regenerative tourism seeks to leave a positive legacy for future generations. ⁣

Our approach revolves around being a permanent part of our local community. We concentrate on the aspirational aspects of regenerative tourism, embracing the idea that our work is never complete. There’s always room for improvement once we gain more knowledge.

Price Per Night:
The interior dining area at Tranquilo Bay in Panama, a safe place for women to stay
Single bed in a simple room at Tranquillo Bay in Panama, a safe place for women to stay.
The view of a covered dock, part of the Tranquilo Bay lodge in Panama, a safe place for women to stay.


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