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Markets in Greece - Wheel the World

Greek Island Hopping

Wheel the World

Explore the highlights of Athens and the Greek Isles on this 10 day tour. Tour Athens and the nearby wine region of Attica. Then, hop on a 4 night cruise to various Greek islands. Experience Crete, Santorini, Mykonos and more from the comfort of an all-inclusive cruise ship. After your cruise, spend a few days relaxing near the beach in Athens.
Morocco - Wheel the World

Highlights of Morocco

Wheel the World

Explore Morocco’s beautiful architecture, stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and history on this wheelchair accessible tour through the highlights of the country. Visit famous Casablanca and soak in its international influence and art deco architecture, explore the busy city of Fes and its markets, experience the wonders of Marrakech and more!
Floating in the Dead Sea - Wheel the World

Seniors Trip to Israel

Wheel the World

Join us for a fully accessible personal journey in Israel through history, geography, culture, and heritage! This tour has been specially designed for seniors, with minimal walking, and a balance of action and time to rest. Visit historical sites, get a glimpse of modern Israel, float on the Dead Sea, explore Jerusalem, and more!
New York City - Wheel the World

History, Culture, and Community in New York

Wheel the World

Explore some of the iconic places of New York City, while learning about their history and the history of the communities that led them to be what they are today. Learn about the effort to revive the waterfront and craft industry. Get a taste of New York’s multiculturalism and international influence through different tours and tastings. 

Alaska- Auroras-Animals Autumn Colors

Your Photo Travel Guide

Join me for an incredible Alaska Sampler! Part Road Trip, part skyviewing and part landscape chasing! Alaska is not only "The Last Frontier" for the Continental USA but also a state of mind- the spaces are wide and the stories varied! Join me to explore the "Spine of the State"

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