Adventure & Hiking

Iceland Horseback Riding Tour
June 14 -
June 22, 2024
This trip with Wild Women Expeditions is a beautiful balance of riding, landscape, geological wow factor and authentic Icelandic cuisine. And, sweet-as-all-get-out Icelandic horses!
Sacred Japan
May 19 -
May 30, 2024
Join Wild Women as we introduce Japan for the very first time and unlock the mystical. Renew your senses and spirit on this adventure that offers a big taste of Japan’s traditions, menu, topography, ancient wisdom and pilgrimages.
Japan Pilgrimage Trail
May 8 -
May 17, 2024
This is the Japan you didn’t know you were dreaming of and you’ll be experiencing it all in the camaraderie of Wild Women who are just as curious and tempted by Japan’s secrets as you are!
Morocco Explorer
May 11 -
May 19, 2024
Travel in a full and mind-expanding circle on part of the trade caravan route from ancient Marrakech to an 11th-century earthen clay fortified city through the High Atlas mountain range to tiny Berber villages to the lush oases and date palms of the Sahara and back.
Dog Sledding and Winter Fun
February 2 -
February 7, 2024
Combining lots of outdoor activity, natural beauty, and four nights in an award-winning resort, this wintertime adventure vacation is the perfect interlude in your daily life that is at once invigorating and deeply relaxing.
Istanbul, Ephesus, and the Coast of Turkey
October 17 -
October 14, 2024
Turkey is known for its history, culture, hospitality, and natural beauty and there is no better way to explore its beaches and bays than aboard a gulet, a traditional wooden sailing yacht.
Highlights of Peru
November 18 -
November 25, 2023
You’re in for an adventure on this tour of Peru exploring Inca treasures, wild landscapes, and ancient legends, all topped off with the opportunity to sample classic Peruvian pisco sour
The Magic of Norway – Cross Country Skiing Newcomers Plus
March 9 -
March 16, 2024
WalkingWomen love having holidays to experience the seasons around the world. Winter is wonderful and March 9th to 16th 2024 we return to the fabulous Dalseter, family run hotel, for a week of cross country skiing and cosy Norwegian evenings. We hope you will join us for a reviving winter break.
Artic Norway and the Northern Lights
February 6 -
February 12, 2024
WalkingWomen brings you an Arctic Experience to the heart of Northern Lights Land in Norway. Our trip is Feb 6th to 12th 2024 which we hear is a great time for visibility of the lights over the arctic sea. Together we will explore this magical land.
Tanzania Migration Safari
February 12 -
February 24, 2024
Join New England based naturalist Chris Lewey as he and Aurora Africa safari through Tanzania, Chris's favourite African safari destination; in part, due to the immense diversity of bird life. The safari will visit Arusha National Park, Tarangire National Park, Ngororgoro Crater, Serenegeti National Park and end with a private camp at Ndutu, in search of the migratory herds. There will also be a Maasai cultural immersion. Our top guides are on board for this adventure!

These adventure tours can include kayaking, hiking or trekking, horseriding, skiing and some are a bit of everything.  Tours usually involve some fitness and it is always best to check the detail of what is involved. Some adventure tours are for beginners and some more advanced.