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Small Group Tours for Women

Our trips are constantly evolving, and I not only organize the groups but I have the pleasure of personally escorting each one.  With my love of the beauty, culture and people of Bali, you know you’ll be in good hands.  Bali is a place of wonder (not to mention incredible shopping, spas and culinary experiences!) and I am confident that you’ll share this feeling after our first few days of exploring the countryside and enjoying the gracious hospitality of the people of this magical tropical paradise.

Small Group Tours for Women

Want to explore Bali but don’t want to deal with big groups that can’t deeply experience the magic, people, and unique culture like a small group can? Then you’ve got to join renowned Bali expert Cathy Gotfried (37 times to Bali!) as she WOWS you while exploring all her favorite and secret places!

The Experience 

“Babes in Bali” fully escorted tours will show you a side of this mystical isle and exotic culture that you would be unlikely to discover on your own. After 37 trips to Bali and 27 Babes in Bali groups (since 2002), renowned Bali Expert and President of Erawan Travel, Cathy Gotfried has the pleasure of planning, managing and escorting every Babes in Bali tour. She has personally selected unique hands-on experiences which she considers to be the ‘Best of the Best’ of wellness trips in Bali to ensure your ultimate enjoyment and an unforgettable travel experience. Culture, spirituality, spas, yummy food, divine shopping, ancient temples, glorious beaches, breathtaking snorkelling, and gorgeous hotels are all part of what Cathy has to share with you.

Wellness Trips, Bali

There is no other destination in the world quite like Bali. Stunning scenery, colourful markets, unique culture and spirituality, zen-like spas, fresh, artistic and globally inspired culinary offerings, greener than green rice terraces, shopping galore and the real highlight…the most gentle, hospitable people on the planet (just wait until you see their smiles!). And all this combined with value for money beyond your wildest expectations! The Balinese people will teach us how they live in harmony with the world through their devotion to tradition, celebration, community, family and nature while celebrating spirits past and present. From testimonials of our over 450 Babes Alumni, we often hear how Bali has “changed their lives” through an awakening of higher priorities and broader perspectives.

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