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Live the Legend of Norway

True sustainability isn’t just about the relationship between people and the environment. It’s also about maintaining an economy that helps people while protecting the planet at the same time. Hurtigruten Norway has cared for communities on the coast since our first voyage in 1893, carrying the cargo, mail, supplies, and customers that small businesses need to keep ticking.

Your voyage with Hurtigruten Norway leaves lasting benefits to the local economy, which in turn ripple out to the broader community. This is small-scale sustainable tourism at its best, ensuring money goes where it should and doing good for local entrepreneurs, their staff, and their families.

Hurtigruten Norway – Our story together

Hurtigruten comprises generations of sailors, cooks, receptionists, and waitresses all working to bind the country together. For nearly 130 years, our ships have been a lifeline to coastal communities of all sizes and a way of life for the people who reside here. We exist because they do and because you do.

You’ve trusted us to take you to the intimate places of the Norwegian coast; secret fjords, myth-inspiring mountains, hidden hamlets. We’ve brought you to spectacular landscapes under the glow of summer’s Midnight Sun and shown you the Northern Lights for the first time or the hundredth time.

You’ve come from near and far to travel side by side with local Norwegians, experiencing everyday life here and coastal culture at its most authentic. This is our story together, intertwined and connected at the heart of the Norwegian coast. We warmly welcome you to come and take your place in it.

Why Cruise with Us?

Curious about who we are and what we stand for? Learn more about Hurtigruten and why you should the Norwegian coast with us.

At Hurtigruten, we allow you to travel with meaning. Building on our explorer heritage dating back to 1893, our voyages are grounded in the likings of people who value learning and personal growth over luxury. We offer unique experiences on our expedition ships and impart knowledge in a way that leaves the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Our expert knowledge of the coast, combined with highly skilled crews and a diverse fleet consisting of nimble, intimately-scaled ships, enables us to offer you experience the best the Norwegian coast has to offer.


Commitment to Sustainability

Hurtigruten Norway commits to eco upgrades by 2024, with 7 ships leading in CO2 reduction by 25% and NOx by 80%. Additionally, 3 vessels transition to hybrid power, ensuring the conservation of Norway’s coastal environment and support for local livelihoods.

Single Supplement Policy

Most cruise line pricing, including ours, are structured for double occupancy, with two guests sharing one cabin. Solo travelers are welcome but are typically required to pay a solo traveler supplement, which is a percentage of the cabin rate. However, at Hurtigruten, we frequently feature promotions with no single supplement. For the latest deals and offers, please visit our special offers page. Traveling solo means you’ll enjoy the privacy of having an entire cabin to yourself, without sharing with another traveler.

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