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Women make up a large part of my business. In my experience, women tend to be more adventurous and perhaps the connection to people and places runs deeper in women. Being a yacht captain has primarily been a man’s job. Having all women or close to all women on the trips is extremely important.


I started Joyride Charters in 2004. Primarily doing charters in the US and the Caribbean, several years ago I branched out to Greece, Croatia, Italy, Thailand, and many other locations around the world.
I love to skipper the large catamarans. They are very comfortable for everyone, offering lots of space and modern amenities. The cabins are quite large with private heads (bathrooms).

Not everyone who comes on our charters has experience. We welcome all levels. You can participate in learning more about sailing or simply lay on the bow with a good book or snooze in the sun.

Passenger Capacity: 10-30 passengers

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