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The Authentic Cadiz Chic: Slow Travel & Sustainable Luxury

As a +50-years-old woman myself, I feel that the connections women develop among each other are fascinating —actually, a big part of my job requires the collaboration with many inspiring women entrepreneurs, which is truly wonderful. I believe that a second youth starts once you realize how exciting the world is; and that requires years of exploring, both physically and spiritually. Discovering new flavours, new sights and new people travelling on your own truly helps you find yourself, and I believe that all women should enjoy the wonders of the world and feel capable and deserving to do so whenever and however they want. I would love to encourage women to discover Cadiz, where adventure meets relaxation; and where learning about an ancient culture pairs with fantastic food and wine! 

Pepa Bandera — Art de Vivre: The Authentic Cadiz Chic 

Pepa Bandera—Art de Vivre, established in 2022, is a creative studio offering customized experiences in the province of Cadiz. Founded by Maria Jose Grande, a seasoned lawyer, whose professional life underwent a complete transformation when she felt a deep desire for something more. A new chapter in which she could share her profound love for Cadiz, her hometown, with the world.

Driven by her extensive travels to over 25 countries, Maria was inspired by the art of living. Transitioning into the realm of authentic, local experiences, she translates Cadiz’s unique richness.

She established Pepa Bandera – Art de Vivre. Alongside her daughter Lucia, they built a creative studio dedicated to curating unforgettable experiences that intertwine the secrets of Cadiz’s 3,000-year-old culture.

Culture, Wellness, Wine & Food Experiences in Cadiz 

Pepa Bandera—Art de Vivre believes that luxury comes from taking care of this extraordinary land and sharing it with others. For each experience, sustainable service is assured by counting on local suppliers who offer a genuine and respectful enjoyment of the area, socially and environmentally.
Alongside an exceptional team of local winery owners, chefs, historians or artists. With special encouragement for the women-led businesses in the area, guests will be welcomed to the most authentic corners of Cadiz and the most wholesome human connections. Some of the areas that will be discovered are…

  • Cadiz’ 3,000 Years-Old History — how ancient civilisations shaped the way the city and its culture is today. From Phoenicians to Romans, Arabs and Visigoths
  • The Mysteries of Sherry Wine — a centenary tradition that creates exquisite, unique-taste wines that often spend more than 100 years in the winery
  • The Millenary Cadiz Cuisine — specializing in premium-quality fish and seafood, and a touch of Arab-Andalusian heritage flavours
  • The Universal Flamenco Culture — a fiery, passionate dance and singing born in Jerez de la Frontera
  • The Breeze of the Atlantic — a place of captivating landscapes, from the sea to the mountains to connect with yourself. Through yoga and mindfulness


Slow, Authentic Travel 

Pepa Bandera—Art de Vivre endeavours to provide an authentic, local experience. Furthermore, it aims to unveil the hidden treasures of Cadiz. The studio meticulously selects destinations, prioritizing environmental sustainability. This ensures an immersive tour that promotes relaxation and appreciation.

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Commitment to Sustainability

Pepa Bandera — Art de Vivre wants to have an active role in the responsible economic development of the Cadiz area. Each experience counts on local suppliers who work with proximity products and whose practice is respectful with the environment, as well as with fair pay. The studio works closely with public agents to respect all sustainability requirements and legislation for tour visits.

Single Supplement Policy

Depending on each trip, single supplements may apply —we are always open for consultation. If you are a single traveller and want to share a room, we will do our best to match you with another single traveller according to your preferences. This possibility depends on the group participants and cannot always be guaranteed.

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Two women stop to take a photo while on a hiking trip. Traveling more sustainably is one way women can make a difference in travel.
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