Africa and Middle East

Morocco Explorer
May 11 -
May 19, 2024
Travel in a full and mind-expanding circle on part of the trade caravan route from ancient Marrakech to an 11th-century earthen clay fortified city through the High Atlas mountain range to tiny Berber villages to the lush oases and date palms of the Sahara and back.
A Taste of Africa
February 6 -
February 24, 2024
Experience the rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and incredible wildlife of Kenya in our immersive A Taste of Africa journey.
Tanzania Migration Safari
February 12 -
February 24, 2024
Join New England based naturalist Chris Lewey as he and Aurora Africa safari through Tanzania, Chris's favourite African safari destination; in part, due to the immense diversity of bird life. The safari will visit Arusha National Park, Tarangire National Park, Ngororgoro Crater, Serenegeti National Park and end with a private camp at Ndutu, in search of the migratory herds. There will also be a Maasai cultural immersion. Our top guides are on board for this adventure!
Aurora Africa 10th Anniversary Safari for Women
March 1 -
March 11, 2024
Join Aurora Africa in celebrating our tenth year of curating amazing safari adventures. Well-paced and fully escorted by us, on this journey of discovery you’ll learn about some of our special, favorite, and even secret places. If you’ve always wanted to visit Tanzania in a safe and fun way, this is your opportunity! There will be a maximum of sixteen guests on this special safari from the 1st - 11th March 2024.
Samburu Wonders
April 20 -
April 27, 2024
This hosted Safari is for the safari specialist who is keen to see the unique & endemic species found only in Northern Kenya. This itinerary includes a day trip to the Reteti Elephant orphanage, offering a unique conservation experience.
Highlights of Morocco
September 7 -
September 17, 2023
Discover the hidden gems of Rabat and the coastal town of Casablanca with asgunfa Morocco!
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