Women-only Holi Tour of India
March 18 -
March 29, 2024
Come to India with us and join our Women-only Holi Tour of India, March 18 - 29, 2024! Holi is a full on experience of joy that celebrates life in all its colours. On this tour, we will explore the fascinating sights of Delhi, go on a tiger safari, visit elephants in an authentic and ethical setting, see the Taj Mahal at sunrise, and play Holi at a private party in Jaipur, the Pink City.
Sacred Japan
May 19 -
May 30, 2024
Join Wild Women as we introduce Japan for the very first time and unlock the mystical. Renew your senses and spirit on this adventure that offers a big taste of Japan’s traditions, menu, topography, ancient wisdom and pilgrimages.
Japan Pilgrimage Trail
May 8 -
May 17, 2024
This is the Japan you didn’t know you were dreaming of and you’ll be experiencing it all in the camaraderie of Wild Women who are just as curious and tempted by Japan’s secrets as you are!
Golden Triangle and the Tigers of Ranthambore
November 3 -
November 11, 2023
Delight your every sense during this encounter with the soaring monuments and scenic landscapes of northern India – from bustling Delhi to the jungles of Ranthambore, hilltop fortresses to royal treasures.
Highlights of Vietnam
December 2 -
December 13, 2023
Float on the sparkling emerald waters of Halong Bay on a traditional Vietnamese Junk.
Thailand and the Temples of Angkor
December 3 -
December 17, 2023
The heritage of two ancient kingdoms are traced along this pilgrimage through Thailand and Cambodia. Visit the spiritual centre of Sukhothai and explore the ruins of Angkor Wat.
Khusvegi English & Nomadic Culture Camp in Mongolia
June 17 -
July 16, 2024
Join Equity Global Treks' Khusvegi English & Nomadic Culture Camp - our award-winning, community-led 30 day cultural immersion with the nomadic and eagle hunting community in Western Mongolia where you live locally as a guest while teaching English to young nomads as a way to forge long-term connections with the nomads.
Mongolia’s Altai Trek & Eagle Hunting Festival
September 1 -
September 17, 2024
Join Equity Global Trek's women-led Altai Trek & Eagle Hunting Festival in Mongolia (September of every year). It's a perfect way to connect with nature and the nomadic community while elevating the roles of women in the tourism industry.
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