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The Spirit of Bhutan Tour

Wild Women Expeditions

Imagine trekking through the verdant mountainous valleys of a remote Himalayan kingdom where yak herders greet you with wide smiles. The hum of chanting of monks echoes from ancient cliffside monasteries. Welcome to the "Land of the Thunder Dragon."
roots journeys magic of bali

Custom Tours in Asia

Roots Journeys

We take you off the beaten track to discover a new way of travelling in Asia. Nourish your soul and feel the magic of Asia. We promote eco-friendly and mindful travel. We are based in Northern Thailand, but also organize trips in Bali, Cambodia, Nepal & Mongolia. 
Adventure Women Bhutan

Bhutan: Buddhist Temples and Himalayan Vistas

Adventure Women

Fall in love with the hidden jewel of the Himalayas on a 12-day journey with Adventure Women through Bhutan just filled with cultural experiences, active exploration, and unforgettable moments! This is a high energy trip :)
Tiger's Nest Monastery in Bhutan

The Druk Path (The Land Thunder Dragon) Bhutan with 3 Sisters Trekking

Three Sisters Adventure Trekking

The Land Thunder Dragon - This 8-10 day trip gives you an extraordinary experience of life in Bhutan from the cities and towns to rural life, nature and stunning landscape and, of course, the monastic life of this Buddhist Kingdom where Gross National Happiness is a higher priority than Gross National Product. May - September

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