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Frog on a flower - Bold Spirit - Costa Rica

Costa Rica Adventure

Bold Spirit Travel

Costa Rica offers all the ingredients you need for a perfect tropical escape: palm-fringed beaches, cloud forest trekking, friendly locals, and thermal-fed spas. This winter, hit the reset button in this tiny country where beauty and the “pura vida” lifestyle abound.
Womens Travel network Galapagos iguana

Ecuador and Galapagos Cruise Expedition

Womens Travel Network Canada

Our Galapagos naturalist guides will lead us on island walks and give on-board talks during our discovery of these remarkable island ecosystems, skirting past nesting boobies, scouting the seas for breaching whales and snorkeling among colourful fish.
Chile & Argentina

Chile & Argentina

Womens Travel Network Canada

Our South American extravaganza includes scenic landscapes, rich history, amazing wines and superb cuisine. We begin in dynamic and modern Santiago, Chile where colonial mansions sit beside skyscrapers and we visit the captivating coastal city of Valparaiso with its vibrant art scene. After experiencing all the highlights in Santiago, we will spend the day on a dramatic crossing of the Andes to Mendoza, Argentina. Here we will sample some of the marvelous wines and exquisite cuisine of the region. The grand finale to our trip is Buenos Aires. Here we visit charming San Telmo’s cobbled alleys, the resplendent 19th-century Teatro Colón opera house, the palace, grave and museum of Evita, and learn about San Martin, the Liberator of Argentina. We will taste some of the best beef in the world at a gaucho’s Estancia in the Pampas. We will see the sultry Tango over dinner and drinks in a city that is fiery hot and never sleeps.
Adventures in good company adventures-in-the-caribbean

Adventures in the Caribbean

Adventures in Good Company

St John is the smallest and most pristine of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Over half of St John has been a National Park, protected from over development, for years. In 2017 Category 5 Hurricanes Irma and Maria ravaged the Virgin Islands. Two years later, while the effects of the storms are still evident, recovery is in full swing. Join us as we sea kayak turquoise waters, snorkel in warm water among vibrant colored fish, try our hands at standup paddleboarding, and maybe even spend some time relaxing and swimming on white sand beaches.
Chile and easter island

Chile and Ester Island

Womens Travel Club

Join Womens Travel Club on this seven-day Santiago to Easter Island Tour takes you from the sophisticated capital to the mysterious islands, two of Chile’s most popular destinations. Enjoy modern-day city life interwoven with history in the capital, drink in the culture of Valparaiso, then head to Easter Island aka Rapa Nui in the Pacific Ocean for a chance to marvel at the Moai, the giant human forms carved from stone. A dip in the Pacific and a walk along the rim of a volcanic crater round off this fantastic opportunity to take in the cultural wonders of Chile and its islands.
Purposeful women Cuba+car+ride

Cuba: Timeless Magic

Purposeful Nomad

The allure of Cuba beckons with old world architecture, timeless vistas, smiling faces, a colorful history, and a thriving music and dance culture.This Caribbean island has endured so much but continues to grow and fight through producing some of the worlds greatest art, music, dance and food. Cuba is indeed a country with a lot of heart and soul.
Adventure Women Machu Picchu

Peru: A Lodge-to-Lodge Trek to Machu Picchu

Adventure Women

Every day on this Machu Picchu hiking trip with Adventure Women via the Salkantay Trail, you’ll be treated to visual splendor that will take your breath away; from the vibrancy of the greenery in the lower valleys, to the pristine elegance of the treeless slopes of the Peruvian Andes, and the stunning brilliance of glistening glaciers atop peaks that stand more than 20,000 feet high.
Adventure Women Peru women weaving

Peru: Discover Machu Picchu and the Amazon

Adventure Women

Journey into the past and present on a Peru adventure  that treats you to the spectacular Inca ruins of Machu Picchu and brings you face to face with unique cultures and the diverse wildlife in Peru’s Amazon rainforest!
Adventure Women Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands: Wildlife Cruise – Private Yacht

Adventure Women

Cruise aboard a private yacht with Adventure Women and discover a fascinating world on an active adventure in the magical Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, home to some of the most fantastic and unique wildlife on the planet!
paradise-in-panama with Adventures in Good company

Paradise in Panama

Adventures in Good Company

Panama is a still hidden gem with more bird species than the entire continental USA and miles of pristine protected coastline. It receives fewer visitors than neighboring countries: thus it is possible to feel that you have truly gotten off the beaten track here. With a stable government, US currency, and diverse ecosystems Panama is both easy and exciting to explore. We'll spend nine days exploring this beautiful country, from Panama Canal to the beaches of Bocas.

Adventures in Patagonia

Adventures in Good Company

Patagonia is one of the most stunning, diverse, and sparsely populated places on earth. Shared by Argentina and Chile, it is known for its pristine wilderness, magnificent snow-capped peaks, dramatic granite spires, sparkling lakes, and immense glaciers. Its spectacular beauty has been preserved both by its remoteness and the parks that protect the outstanding landscapes.
adventures in good company trekking-to-machu-picchu

Trekking to Machu Picchu

Adventures in Good Company

Machu Picchu - the archeological marvel - is only one of the many highlights of Incan culture and history that we explore on this trip. Staying in remote mountain lodges, we trek along an ancient Incan Trail (a more remote off shoot of THE Inca Trail), over high passes and below towering peaks, away from crowded trails, and into the authentic heart of the Incan empire. At the end we visit Machu Picchu, the crowning glory of the Incas.