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Vietnam Hidden Charms

Glam Girls LUX Travels

This peep into the exotic world of Vietnam will envelope us with the fabulous decor inspiration of our 5 Star Hotels,  We’ll have ample time to shop in Hanoi, Hoi An, and Ho Chi Minh seeking out those fine silks so well known to Vietnam,  and much insight into the Indochine cuisine. Oh bring it on!  
Vietnam hidden gems

Vietnam Hidden Charms

Girls’ Guide to Paris and Beyond

This unique adventure into the exotic world of Vietnam will charm us from the south in Ho-Chi Minh (Saigon) all the way up north to the hill town resort of Sapa which lies near the Chinese border. We’ll return home with stories that stay with us long after the journey.  We will have ample time to shop in Hanoi, Hoi an, and Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)  seeking out those fine silks and embroidery, so well-known to Vietnam. We will savor the full scope of the tasty, elegant, very light and healthy, Indochine cuisine, influenced by France so long ago.

Aah, Luang Prabang Laos & Hanoi Vietnam

Glam Girls LUX Travels

Join #glamgirlsluxtravels on this 8 night escape to Luang Prabang and Hanoi

  • Laos, landlocked country of northeast-central mainland Southeast Asia.
  • 'Luang Prabang is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its outstanding cultural, historic and architectural values and its harmonious relationship between the natural and built environment
  • Vietnam – Hanoi. Hanoi is sometimes dubbed the Paris of the East for its French influences. With its tree-fringed boulevards, more than two dozen lakes and thousands of French colonial-era buildings, Hanoi is a popular tourist destination. It is the second largest city in Vietnam, with over eight million residents within its city.

Let’s Do Laos + Hanoi & Ha Long Bay

Girls’ Guide to Paris and Beyond

Escape the mundane! Laos, the landlocked country of Southeast Asia contains many charms. It consists of an irregularly round portion in the north that narrows into a peninsula-like region stretching to the southeast. Laos is bounded to the north by China, to the northeast and east by Vietnam, to the south by Cambodia, to the west by Thailand, and to the northwest by Myanmar (Burma).
adventures in good company wats-and-wonders-of-vietnam-and-cambodia_1980

Wats and Wonders of Vietnam and Cambodia

Adventures in Good Company

Spending time in the land of dragons, temples, and tea is always an unforgettable experience. We'll begin our trip in Hanoi, Vietnam's capital, known for its bustling side streets and world-class street food. From Hanoi, we'll travel to the Sapa region where we'll hike through rice fields, explore limestone mountains, and visit a few of the colorful ethnic minority communities along the way.
I love Vietnam scooters

Women on Scooters – your guides in Vietnam

I Love Asia Tour

I Love Vietnam Tour proud to be the first social enterprise business lead by young women in Vietnam. It’s based in four cities as Hanoi, Hue, Danang, Hoian and Saigon. I Love Vietnam focuses on motorbike tours lead by female students.
Sapa Sisters Trekking

Sapa Sisters Trekking

Sapa Sisters Trekking Adventures

Sapa Sisters Trekking Adventures – Going to Vietnam? Get on the night train from Hanoi and come to Sapa to join us in the mountains! We’ll show you the best spots and guarantee you’ll get an unforgettable experience as share our Hmong story with you.