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Spain: Hiking the Portuguese Way on the Camino

Adventure Women

Experience the beauty and tranquility of Spain’s Camino de Santiago on this active eight-day hiking and walking adventure with Adventure Women along the famous pilgrim’s trail, the Portuguese Spiritual Way!
Adventure women Camino Senabres Way

Hiking Spain’s Camino on the Sanabrés Way

Adventure Women

Travel to Spain for a nine-day hiking trip in September 2020 on the Camino Sanabrés in Galicia, a portion of the historic Camino de Santiago route walked by centuries of pilgrims. Travel over ancient bridges, visit local churches and monasteries, then relax in thermal baths with spa treatments and enjoy the warm hospitality of northwestern Spain.
Sisterhood womens travel camino_

Camino Trail Adventure

Sisterhood Womens Travel

Panoramic Tour of Madrid including a tour of the Royal Palace Free Day in Madrid to Explore at Leisure Authentic Tapas & Walking Tour in Madrid followed by a 11 Day - Walk the Camino Trail from Sarria to Santiago (at a leisurely pace) Average daily walk is 12 km
adventures in good company camino-de-santiago-to-the-sea

Camino de Santiago to the Sea

Adventures in Good Company

The official Camino does end at Santiago Cathedral, site of St. James’ tomb. But other traditions tell of a pre-Christian route to Finisterre, the End of the Earth, once considered the westernmost point in Europe. Perhaps those long-ago people travelled just for adventure, a desire to experience that special place.

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