Art and Spirit in Ireland

Collage of Ireland trip: scenic landscapes, historic castles, cozy villages, and studio art - Art and Spirit in Ireland - Melissa Harris

11 Night Watercolor Retreat to Sacred Sites in Magical Ireland with Melissa Harris

Art & Spirit in Ireland is an opportunity to explore your creativity with like-minded, adventurous women amidst the dazzling landscapes of Ireland.This is an ideal mix of touring and painting.

Learn or enhance your watercolor technique! With instructional demos and by integrating meditation to further tune into ourselves and the environment. Occasional plein air (art made on site) painting will be mixed with painting in a studio space. And no previous experience in art or with this medium is required. A simple supply list will be provided. Don’t allow any fears of “I’m not an artist” or “I haven’t painted in years” to hold you back! From what I continue to hear is a trip of a lifetime from past participants. 

We will be doing a bit of walking, not hiking, but you should have a good bit of mobility.

Where are we staying?

I’ve chosen two locations in order to give you a greater taste of the country. Both our locations are on the water. First we are overlooking a famous lake in a luxury hotel, featuring spacious rooms with lake views and fantastic food.  Next, on the Dingle Peninsula, we are right on the ocean with dazzling views to inspire us

Retreat Highlights:

  • We will delight in the charm of old Ireland hearing Irish music in the quaint old pubs, and take a pony and trap ride or two.
  • We will visit an old, inherited working farm and wander among the sheep to help understand the old ways, and how inhabitants work symbiotically with the plant and animal spirits.
  • We will explore the ancient sacred stone circles and sites and feel the magical fairy energies of the land.
  • We will take a boat ride to an enchanted, uninhabited Island to wander amongst the ruins. And imagine how life was there when Goddesses practiced their rituals, followed by being inhabited by monks to rest in their own retreats of solitude.
  • During our time together, we will follow the ancient routes of the Goddess. Spending time in contemplation in order to nurture the Divine Feminine within ourselves.

About your host, Melissa:

I’ve been leading workshops since 1990, and I create a safe, nurturing environment to coax out the part of you that wants to express itself in paint. My numerous retreats to the areas we visit have helped me to create the optimal experience for you. With each year of taking this journey, I’ve refined the places of interest we visit and found humorous and knowledgeable guides.

If you feel the call, join us in Ireland and explore Art and Spirit!

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