Bolivia Salt Flat Adventure

Bolivia Salt Flat Adventure - Llama Expeditions

Travel on a high-altitude adventure that takes you to the ends of the earth to experience an otherworldly landscape and a fascinating way of life. This is the perfect trip for seasoned travelers who have ticked popular destinations like Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands off their list, and are looking to go on a REAL adventure.

Begin your journey in the world’s highest city, La Paz, where magic can be found in the labyrinth of an authentic witch’s market and in the colorful folkloric dances that have survived since pre-Columbian times.

Explore the visually stunning Cholets of El Alto, where each one appears to outshine its neighbor with ever more vibrant hues.

Wander through the mysterious ruins of Tiwanaku and walk upon the ethereal Uyuni Salt Flats, a breathtaking expanse that blurs the line between earth and sky.

Dive into Bolivia’s natural canvas from the multi-hued Valley of the Moon to pink flamingos perched precariously on one leg in the fiery red Colored Lagoon.

Discover a train graveyard where locomotives whisper tales of bygone eras, and ancient mummies silently bear witness to the hardships of life on the salt flat.

Stargaze in one of the last places to see truly dark starry nights.

Visit local communities and witness their time-honored traditions of harvesting salt.

Shepherd llamas and navigate the high desert’s vast expanses, where every vista is a postcard picture waiting to be taken.

Stand amidst the surreal Morning Sun Geysers, listen to the soft bubbling of an ojo de agua, and feel the warm embrace of thermal waters.

Sleep in a hotel constructed entirely from salt… including the furniture!

Discover the “real” La Paz, guided by resilient street children who share their unique tales of dreams, hope, and places only they know.

Our Bolivia Salt Flat Adventure is jam-packed with unique experiences.

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