Croatia: Cruise the Islands of the Dalmatian Coast


Cruise around Croatia’s coastal islands and turquoise waters by private boat while exploring the charming Dalmatian Coast. Visit tiny stone villages in Croatia with enchanting castles, walk cobbled paths, and learn Old Europe’s rich history against the Adriatic Sea’s dramatic backdrop.

Experience the joy of island hopping between the many colorful islands of Croatia, then drop anchor to explore Croatia’s incredible historical sites as you tour the Dalmatian Coast on a deluxe sailboat chartered exclusively for AdventureWomen! Wake every day surrounded by the intoxicating blue of the Adriatic Sea, enjoy busy days seeing the sights, then fall asleep to the lapping waves and ping of halyards against the mast. Every day is perfect for fun in these crystal-clear waters, too. Whether you’re island hopping, swimming, paddle boarding, or relaxing on the beach, the waters of the Adriatic are so enticing it will be hard to stay out of them!

To visit the Eastern European gem of Croatia is to walk through centuries of conquests and change. Masters of building anything from stone, pre-Christian Romans settled here on unforgiving, rocky terrain to produce lasting testaments of their ingenuity. Rising around their extraordinary temples and castles, outstanding examples of medieval, Baroque, and Renaissance architecture, urban planning, and ancient cobbled roadways have been thankfully preserved.

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